Great summer activities for children on Bornholm
Enjoy the best summer for two on Bornholm

Summer on Bornholm is something extraordinary

Nothing compares to a summer day on Bornholm. Imagine sitting with a cold beer in the sun’s rays by the sea or smelling a newly smoked herring from one of the island’s beautiful smokehouses. Nothing can compare with the senses that awaken on Bornholm: the sounds, the smells, the emotions, the roar of the sea, the fine sand, the history, the rock formations. On this page, you will find inspiration for the best holiday.


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Inspiration for your next vacation
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Must sees:
Top 10 places for you to visit on Bornholm
Coronavirus / COVID-19: Information for travellers to and from Bornholm
Bornholm Craft Weeks
six weeks of the best in arts and crafts from Sep - Oct

Inspiration for your next holiday on Bornholm

Travel to rocks, sandy beaches and unique nature on one small island.
Hidden gems:
Here are 10 nature experiences on Bornholm you should see
Discover new paths:
Here are our suggestions for hiking and biking tours
Travel the easy way:
Take the direct ferry to Bornholm
Here are all sites:
Camping on Bornholm

Travel options and Accommodation on Bornholm

Besides the ferry to Bornholm, there are also other travel options to Bornholm. You can travel by train, plane, bus or car. See all travel options to Bornholm here. And for those of you, who don’t like to camp, you can also rent a summer house, a room in a guesthouse, a hotel room or other. See a complete overview of accommodation on Bornholm here.

Enjoy your active holiday or relaxation on Bornholm provides you with useful hints on great restaurants, where you either can have a solid and inexpensive family dinner or enjoy a perfect “Dinner for two” – even with a view and a sunset over the Sea.

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