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Denmark’s best holiday destination

In October 2022, Bornholm was chosen as Denmark’s best holiday destination by the prestigious Danish Travel Awards.

A title we are proud and humbled by, especially because it is the island’s guests who have voted for Bornholm. It’s a title we’ll continue to do our utmost to live up to so that you’ll want to keep coming back. There’s always something new to experience, taste and explore on Denmark’s best holiday destination.

Spring vacation on Bornholm is full of experiences

Everyone deserves a bit of Bornholm from time to time – especially in the spring. The sky is clear and blue and the air is fresh and clean. Nature awakens with fresh blooming buds, and the forests and fields are full of birds, deer and other wildlife.

Spring on Bornholm is definitely something extraordinary, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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Four signs of spring on Bornholm

1. Take a deep breath – you can smell the spring in the air.

The wild garlic is starting to bloom on Bornholm, and you can sense their spicy aroma in the forest. Wild garlic is delicious to use in, e.g., pesto and can be found in many places around the island’s forests. One of these places is Døndalen, where you also find the highest waterfall in Denmark, and it is an impressive sight this time of year.

2. In the deep quiet of the forest, it is no longer so quiet.

With the arrival of spring, the forest is once again filled with the most beautiful birdsong.

A visit to the bird sanctuary in Ølene offers you plenty of opportunities to see the Eurasian skylark, and perhaps you are lucky enough to spot the white-tailed eagle. Ølene bird sanctuary also has a unique floral life, with around 200 different species. The bird towers around the sanctuary offer the perfect setting for a cup of coffee while enjoying nature – just remember your binoculars.

3. The spring sun brings the warmth

The arrival of the spring sun also means chairs and tables are put in front of cafes and restaurants, allowing you to enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the sun.

You could, of course, also pack a lovely food basket with delicacies from Bornholm and find yourself a perfect spot in nature to enjoy it. Just remember a blanket, because even though the sunbeams are nice and warm, and the air feels mild, the ground and rocks can still be chilly to sit on.

4. Ice cream made with rhubarb from the garden and fresh new potatoes

When visiting Bornholm, you get a lot of local flavour expressions. The local cuisine has its roots in the island’s nature, and the ingredients take on flavour from the island’s soil and fresh sea air.

Enjoy homemade ice cream made with rhubarb plucked from local gardens or a delicious open sandwich with fresh new potatoes on home-baked Danish rye bread. Not to forget, the smokehouses of Bornholm, which definitely contribute to the taste of Bornholm.

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This month's highlights on Bornholm

Bornholm offers a ton of experiences - all year round. Whether you visit in the winter, spring, summer or autumn, you will be able to explore: the unique nature of Bornholm, the distinctive cuisine of Bornholm, the island's cultural events or the many cosy accommodations around the island waiting to welcome you.

Every month, we highlight some exceptional experiences for you, which can help make your holiday on Bornholm something unique and memorable. You will also find suggestions for excellent accommodations and transportation to the island.

Useful information - how to get to Bornholm and where to find your accommodation

The direct ferry from Sassnitz/Rügen in Germany brings you to Bornholm twice a week. Thursday and Sunday from only €94,- one-way (car with up to 5 persons).

The hosts of the many accommodations on Bornholm are looking forward to welcoming you after an exciting day on the island. Find more information here:
It’s easy getting to Bornholm by ferry or plane
Tips: accommodation on Bornholm in the spring
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