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NaturBornholm – an interesting experience centre

Visit the experience centre NaturBornholm in Aakirkeby and learn a lot about the multifarious nature and the interesting history of Bornholm.

Start your holiday at NaturBornholm

With texts and illustrations, plants, animals and rocks plus inside- and outside activities for children the story of the Bornholm underground is told together with the present time multiple nature. NaturBornholm is the place on the island of Bornholm, where you should start your holidays, because NaturBornholm literally opens the nature of Bornholm in inspiring the guests to find new experiences outside the roads and paths of the highly coloured brochures.

Our guests leave NaturBornholm enthusiastic and we welcome new visitors!

Weekend activities

During weekends, school breaks and holidays NaturBornholm offers a wide spectre of activities for kids. NaturBornholm is the place, where science becomes entertainment.




Opening season

Open from April 30th - October 31st

Opening hours

Open all days 10 - 17

Special opening days

Special closing days


Tlf. +45 5694 0400




Grønningen 30

DK - 3720 Aakirkeby

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