7 hidden gems on Bornholm

Read here about 7 hidden gems on Bornholm that some of the population on Bornholm haven't even heard of.

Bornholm is so much more than Hammerhus, round churches and smokehouses. Because of all the fascinating attractions other interesting and beautiful sights can be overlooked.

Our version of 7 hidden gems includes memorable sights that can be found a little further away from the main tourist attractions. Therefore they can be enjoyed without a crowd.


Stavehøl waterfall

If you follow the picturesque path from the village Melsted through Kobbeå valley you will find Stavehøl waterfall. Stavehøl is a 7,2m (23ft) high and 2 m (6,5ft) wide crevice and here the stream Kobbeåen falls 3-4m (9ft). The sight is especially beautiful in spring when the forest floor is covered in anemones in various colors and the water flow is high.


Helligpeder fishing village

Helligpeder (Holy Peter) is an idyllic situated fishing village on the west coast of Bornholm with small houses, old smokehouses and a charming old port cabin. Here you can enjoy a moment in tranquility, the picturesque surroundings, and one of the most beautiful sunsets on Bornholm.



If you want to experience a true nature gem that makes you think of Lord of the Rings, then come to Svartingedal. Svartingedal is a rift valley with steep cliffs, rich wildlife, and in spring a forest floor covered in the most beautiful anemones. In this fairytale valley you can find the large rock called “Jættebolden” which according to legend was thrown by a Jætte (a giant from Norse Mythology).


Himalaya Rock at Vang Granite Quarry

Close to the village Vang lies Vang Granite Quarry which seized to be an active quarry in 1996. Today the quarry is a nature and experience area. Furthest in quarry is a small lake and here you will find the Himalaya Rock that looks like a mini version of a mountain formation.


Bunker at Dueodde

At Dueodde you can experience two old German bunkers from World War 2. Their mission was to fire on enemy ships. The bunkers were never completed and today they serve as a remembrance of German occupation on Bornholm. Here you can experience the German bunker constructions and enter the dark concrete chambers – If you dare!


Randkløve Skår

Randkløveskåret is a scenic rift valley and is undoubtedly one of Bornholm’s greatest nature attractions. Sadly, it is often missed by tourists. When seeing Randkløveskåret one cannot help to stand in awe of the wonders of nature.



Come and experience Kultippen which was created due to garbage sorting during the war. When waste products from local coal extractions had to disposed certain locals chose to simply empty it over the coast. The result was a man-made desert-like moonscape that is a must-see.

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