Visit the pleasant and family friendly amusement park Brændesgårdshaven on Bornholm. Free parking and when the entrance fee is paid all amusements are free! WIFI all over the park.

Brændesgårdshaven is an eldorado for the whole family

Brændesgårdshaven is an eldorado for the whole family and we guarantee you a fun day! Brændesgårdshaven is the large amusement park on Bornholm with both playland, waterpark and zoo.

Brændesgårdshaven – The oldest playland in Denmark

Brændesgårdshaven is the oldest playland in Denmark, well maybe the oldest of its kind in the world. The playland and amusement park was originally a large farm with the most beautiful gardens on Bornholm. It was opened to the public in 1933. Brændesgårdshaven has since then been one of the most visited attractions on Bornholm.

Brændesgårdshaven offers a lot of fun activities

Brændesgårdshaven is a combination of the meeting place for the family and an Old School amusement park, where children and childlike grownups get sweaty and smile a lot. Try the oldest handdriven carousel in Denmark, our huge climbing area, one of the bouncing pillows or bouncing castles, take a round of minigolf, defeat the Jobopath (a hindrance course), fly into the water on the Nautic Jet, take a ride in the cableway across the big lake, enjoy the peace in a rowboat or try some of the many other toys around the park.

If you like water you can also spend the day in our 6000 m2 large solarheated water park, with rich possibilities for water games in the chutes or pool. You can also relax and enjoy the sun on one of our terrasses. A life guard is working in the waterpark from opening to closing. Brændesgårdshaven also has an outdoor scene with a trick show, and in our nice zoo you can get close to goats, donkeys and llamas. Our Zoo also include different species of monkeys, kangaroos, ring-tailed lemurs, nosebears, emus, rabbits and many different species of birds.

You can also choose to use Brændesgårdshaven as a breathing spot where you as guest can surface in peace and quiet and enjoy a wealth of flowers, trees and bushes.


Visit us again for just DKK25,-
With the Brændesgårdshaven COME BACK CARD you can come back for just DKK 25,-

When you after a lovely day leave Brændesgårdshaven you can at the exit choose to make a COME BACK CARD for DKK 15,-. This card gives you the possibility to visit us again, as many times as you like, for just DKK 25,- each time.

The COME BACK CARD is bought at the exit.
The offer is only valid on showing a Dayticket or a Familyticket bought on the day.

DKK 25,-



Opening hours this week:















Tlf. +45 56 49 60 76



Højevejen 4

3740 Svaneke


  • Disabled parking
  • 2 Handicap toilets at the entrance and 1 by the water park
  • Gravel paths around the garden
  • It is not possible to use the water park in a wheelchair
  • Free admission for companions, when showing a valid companion card.

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