5 secret places you should see on Christiansø og Frederiksø

Beyond the well-known attractions, Ertholmene also has a few lesser-known places to visit. We give you a list of 5 secret places to see on the old naval fortress.

If you want to explore the old naval fortress Christiansø on your own, you can find many interesting attractions in the small and secluded corners of the isles.

Remember the rules when walking around on the isles

When you move around on Christiansø and Frederiksø remember that you are in a nature reserve. Specific rules therefore apply. → Read more here


Here we show you 5 secret places on Ertholmene


The gardens on Christiansø

These beautiful allotments are surrounded by thick stone walls that function as shelter from the strong winds and preserve the heat of the sun until autumn.


The World’s End on Christiansø

Here the world ends – at least that is what they believed at the time the fortress was built. And when you stand here on the outermost point to the North-East, you can indeed get a feeling of standing at the end of the world.


Gallery Palivaren

A lot of people pass by this little wooden shed by Juul’s Bulwark without noticing that it houses Denmark’s easternmost art gallery. Open all summer.


Cholera graveyard on Frederiksø

As the cholera pandemic wreaked havoc in Denmark in the 19th century, the dead sailors and the inhabitants of Ertholmene were buried on special cholera graveyard that was established for the purpose on Frederiksø. You can still see the place today.


The love bench by Bielke’s Bulwark

If you and your beloved would like to “fjæggas lid” (kiss a little) or merely enjoy the tranquility, visit the love bench on Christiansø located next to “Loppehytten” opposite Bielke’s Bulwark.

Need some orientation?

Here you can download a PDf with a map over the Naval Fortress Christiansø – with the islands Frederiksø og Christiansø.

6 things you should see on the naval fortress Christiansø
Visit the old naval fortress Christiansø
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