We would like to share our love for Bornholm with you ❤

This is a tribute to Bornholm and the people of Bornholm - in fact, to all of you who have Bornholm in your hearts and thus help make the rocky island something exceptional.

Love for Bornholm

This is a story about Bornholm and about many generations’ love for the island – the people of Bornholm, the newcomers and not least the guests that feel at home here. Whether you live on the island or enjoy visiting, you are helping to make Bornholm something extraordinary.

Bornholm is a place you will not soon forget. It’s a place you share with family and friends, and you probably want to make Bornholm a part of your story, and thus the love for Bornholm never ends.

If you have Bornholm in your heart, we hope you will share this film and your memories of our beautiful island to help pay tribute to Bornholm, this wonderful island in Denmark.

Sit back and enjoy the movie.

The proud traditions of Bornholm

Love alone has not made Bornholm what it is today. The roots of Bornholm go deep, and generations of hard work, skill and diligence have created the island that you are greeted by today. The people of Bornholm have learned to process the island’s resources. Today, you will be greeted by world-class craftsmanship and locally produced foods that are gaining significant recognition worldwide.

At Gaarden in Melsted, you can learn more about the taste of Bornholm and at the same time visit the open-air and agricultural museum Melstedgård, which continues to run an old-fashioned farm with its own livestock. There is a lot to be proud of and grateful for.

Bornholm’s history characterizes the island’s products and development, and there are many of the cultural-historical memories left behind that you can experience around the island. Many have visited Northern Europe’s largest castle ruin, Hammershus, which overlooks the Baltic Sea. There are also experiences to be found in the island’s granite adventures, where you can visit the beautiful, abandoned quarries and former industrial areas, which today have been year-round experiences recaptured by nature – e.g., in Vang Granite Quarry.

In Hasle, they did not break stones but salvaged clay and coal. This has left its clear mark on nature, visits, e.g., Kultippen’s lunar landscape or Pyrite Lake near Sorthat.

To understand the island’s past and soul, many museums are dedicated to famous painters, local history, Bornholm’s origins, or internationally renowned Bornholm authors.

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