Maker’s Island Bornholm: Experience first-class arts and crafts

The arts and Crafts on Bornholm is something else - that is why the island was the first island in the world and the first region in Europe to be honored with the coveted World Craft Region title. Here you can read more about why arts and crafts on Bornholm is so special.

International recognition and quality stamp for Bornholm

Autumn 2017 will now be part of the history of arts and crafts on Bornholm, as the time in which the entire island – as the first island in the world and first region in Europe – was titled World Craft Region by the prestigious World Craft Council (WCC). The title is an international recognition of Bornholm’s unique artisan environment with endless talent, high professionalism, long traditions, high quality and strong interrelation among the skilled craft makers on the island.

The rich tradition based originally on ceramic and glass production has led to the development of a broad rich and embedded eco-system of craft studios, museums, biennales and education facilities on the island. The standard of excellence in craftsmanship across disciplines that the jury experienced is on par with the best internationally ...”

Maker’s Island presents Bornholm Craft Weeks

In the extensive and ambitious program, Bornholm Craft Weeks shows the diversity and quality of Bornholm’s handicrafts from 6. September to 15. September. For 10 days, you can experience exhibitions, workshops, master classes, theme events, and more – a paradise for art lovers. See the program here.

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Maker’s Island Bornholm is a collaboration between craft makers and institutions

The project “Maker’s Island Bornholm”, which started in 2019, is a collaboration between craft makers on the island, several museums, art associations, The ​Regional Municipality of Bornholm, schools and other institutions on Bornholm.

Maker’s Island will help strengthen, develop and further educate the Bornholm craftmanship – and at the same time, the project shows that Bornholm is an attractive island for art students, craft makers, tourists and newcomers to Bornholm. Finally, the popular craftsmanship helps to show that there is an opportunity to reach one’s potential on Bornholm.

Her are some of the representatives from Maker's Island Bornholm


The Art Museum of Bornholm

The Art Museum of Bornholm strives to present artwork of international calibre – in the permanent collections and frequently changing special exhibitions alike.


Grønbechs Gård in Hasle

Grønbechs Gård shows the latest within arts and crafts and tests the limits of the concept of “art”. Grønbechs Gård presents approx. 20 shows each season.


Ceramic factory Hjorths Fabrik in Rønne

Visit the old and cosy ceramics museum Hjorths Fabrik (Hjorths Factory) in the charming old town of Rønne.

Read more about "Maker's Island Bornholm"

First-Class arts and crafts, museums, biennials and international educational opportunities – all on Bornholm. Learn more about the “Maker’s Island Bornholm” collaboration

Arts and crafts on Bornholm
The best in Bornholm's arts and crafts
Grønbechs Gård: Visit the Centre for Arts and Crafts on Bornholm
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