10 fun things to do for families on Bornholm in the summer

There's lots to look forward to! On Bornholm we have all sorts of adventures, which await you and your imagination. Bornholm and children just belong together!

Funny experiences on Bornholm – go for it….

Bring your familiy to Bornholm and get lots of fun experiences. If you like water parks, go-karts, rowing boats and all sorts of other amusements, you’ll have to lure your parents to Brændesgårdshaven (former Joboland). There are other options too. At NaturBornholm you can experience how Bornholm was created in a gigantic inferno of burning stone and explosions more than 1.7 billion years ago – and you can look into the eyes of Denmark’s only dinosaur. And then there is the Melstedgård agricultural museum and the other museums, which have lots of things for you to see. And at the Bornholm Bird of Prey Show outside Nyker you can experience the exiting shows with beautiful birds of prey. Meet for example Olivia – a large owl of 1.7 kg – she is very fond of children! And there’s much, much more – riding, bowling, boat trips, cinemas, minigolf …

On Bornholm you get wiser – in a funny way!

If you want to feel the presence of history outdoors, all sorts of experiences await you on Bornholm. Hammershus – the largest castle ruins in northern Europe, dating back to the 13th century and looks like an eagle’s nest on top of a 74-metre cliff. Christiansø – the ancient fortress islands, which are full of atmosphere from the days when war and piracy were a common feature of everyday life and which now house about 100 people. The old fortress of King Christian V has not changed since its foundation in 1684. Here, you won’t find any cars and only two mammals, the hedgehog and mouse. Visit the exciting islands, which from 1725 also were used as a place of banishment for life time prisoners as for example Doctor Dampe.

Round churches on Bornholm and the Middle Ages

And then you may not forget the four round churches of Bornholm, which perhaps hide a mystery. Who built them? Were the massive walls and the narrow windows a response to time of unrest or an astronomical experiemt? Turn back the clock and take a trip in Bornholm’s time machine. And if that’s not close enough, the Medieval Centre of Bornholm gives you the opportunity to experience the Middle Ages. Here, a time machine is quite unnecessary because you can see, hear, feel, taste, and smell the Middle Ages. …and then there are the subterranean spirits or trolls, of course, but we scarcely dare mention them.

Bornholm offers chalk-white beaches – like a duck to water

Bornholm ist the Sunny Island number one in Denmark. From May to August the island has up to 20 percent more sunshine hours than the rest of the country. So if you love the water, you can look forward to swimming and playing on one of Bornholm’s many beaches. The sand here is chalky white and crunches when you walk on it because it’s so fine. And it’s great for building sandcastles.

Bornholm is a perfect place to swim

Because Bornholm is an island, you can always find the best place to go swimming. If the wind is coming from one direction and making waves, you can just go to the other side of the island, where the sea will be calmer (then mum and dad will feel happier about you swimming).

Walks or rides – use your legs on Bornholm

If it rains during your holiday on Bornholm, you can always put on your wet-weather gear and go for a walk or ride with your parents. You can do the same, of course, when the weather is good, as it usually is on Bornholm. Bornholm’s old railway, which was closed down in 1968, has been turned into a network of cycle paths, which covers most of the island.

235 km of cycle paths on Bornholm

The 235 km of cycle paths on Bornholm are marked with dark green signs and most of them are well away from traffic, so they’re nice and safe too. If you don’t bring your own bike, you can hire one – and there’s a great choice. You can have a mountain bike or an ordinary one with or without gears – or have you ever tried a tandem? Remember to wear a helmet!

Do you want something nice to eat?

On Bornholm you can always get something nice to eat. When you feel hungry, there are restaurants and cafés that know exactly what children like. Look for the special smokehouse chimneys, which you can see almost everywhere. Try herring, salmon, codfish, halibut, mackerel, eel, sea trout and shrimp – it actually tastes really delicious! The smokehouses also have really good fish cakes and fish burgers. And then you have to visit the sweet factory, the chocolate factory, the liquorice factory and of course try the delicous ice-cream and the tasty, soft caramels and wine gums.

Fun activities for children



Denmark's popular exploratorium with time travel, earthquakes, dinosaurs, Baltic Sea aquarium, live crocodiles, bison exhibition and more.


Bornholms Middelaldercenter

Experience the Medieval Centre of Bornholm in Østerlars near Gudhjem, only 500 m from the roundchurch in Østerlars.


Bornpark - Minigolf

Fight against your family for the title to become the family's best mini golf player at BornPark in Østerlars. The 18 hole course is shaped like Bornholm with small miniature versions of various attractions.



On a steep rocky prominence ... at the northern tip of Bornholm you'll find the impressive medieval fortress of Hammershus. It's a perfect destination for the whole family.



Visit the cozy and family friendly amusement park Brændesgårdshaven (former Joboland) on Bornholm


The zipline Tovbanen

Denmarks longest zipline is at the Opal Lake on Bornholm - and while on it, you can get a great view over the area. At least for a few seconds.


The rocking stones

There are three rocking stones on Bornholm - can you move them, too?


Birds of prey show

At Bornholm's birds of prey show, they are really fascinated by birds of prey - and you will certainly be there once you have visited the place!


Climping Activity Park Nature Park Bornholm

Here, high above the ground you can climb in the tree tops and have a stunning view over the area.


Soccer golf at Fodboldgolf Bornholm

Soccer and golf? That's soccer golf. On almost 5 acres of land you can try to get the soccer ball in the 18 holes

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