10 interesting museums on Bornholm which you also should visit

Besides the well-known attractions on Bornholm, there are also a lot of other, smaller but at least quite as interesting and exciting museums and attractions. You should pay a visit to these, too.

Here are 10 lesser known museums on Bornholm - which you should see


Oluf Høst Museum in Gudhjem

Visit the Bornholm Painter Oluf Høsts (1884-1966) studio, which today is a museum. Several of his main works can be seen at the Bornholm Art Museum in Rø.


The Bornholm Railway museum in Nexø

Bornholm had three railway lines between 1900-1968. After that they were replaced by busses - but in a gently renovated building at the harbour in Nexø, you can get an idea of, how the Bornholm railway looked like.


Bornholms Automobilmuseum close to Aakirkeby

If you are into old cars, a big car repair shop and many other exciting things from former times, you should go and visit this cosy and interesting car museum.


Bornholms Museum of Defense Rønne

The history of Bornholm has always been a little different from the rest of the country, because of the island's position so far out in the Baltic Sea. At the Defense Museum you can see old uniforms, climb up in an armoured vehicle and also get to know more about the islands long history of defense.


The Town and Garden Museum Erichsens Gaard in the city centre of Rønne

As soon as you enter the garden, which is situated behind the house, you enter a true hidden gem and a small paradise. And in the museum itself, you can get an idea of, how the higher class citizenship lived in the 19th century. And the house has also been the place, where the painters Kristian Zhartmann and Holger Drachmann often met.


Bornholms Technical Collection on Northern Bornholm

See and touch over 4000 different items from today and former times. Jump up in an old fire engine or experience the starting of an old power generator from 1914.


Nexø Museum at Nexø harbour

Get to know more about the Swedish invasion and looting of the city in 1645, the Soviet air raid in 1945 or the vanishing fishery in the 1980's - these are only some of the different exhibitions, which you can see in the beautiful city museum in Nexø.


Moseløkken Quarry Museum at the Hammeren

This museum tells you the story of Bornholms Granite Adventure at the end of the 19th and up into the 20th century. The quarry is still in use and in the weekends you can see people climbing up the vertical rock walls.


Martin Andersen Nexøs Memorial in Nexø

If you have read books like Pelle the Conqueror, Days in the Sun, In God's Land or Ditte, Child of Man or other books from Danish socialist author Martin Andersen Nexø (1869-1954) - you can visit the Memorial Museum in the same house, where he lived and worked.


Gudhjem Museum in the old railway station

Gudhjem Museum is located in the town's former Railway Station. Today you can visit the local history exhibition and changing art exhibitions.

More about the Bornholm Sights

The Bornholm sights are close to each other and even though you may have been here several times before – you’ll still discover new, interesting places of excursions.

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