10 nature experiences on Bornholm you should see

From the flat areas on Southern Bornholm to the rocky cliffs in the North of the island - Bornholms nature is filled with exciting experiences.

All over the sunshine island you’ll find exciting nature experiences. Most of you may know Dueodde beach at the Southern tip of Bornholm and the Sanctuary Cliffs close to the Art Museum at the northeastern coast. But there are many more things that are worth a visit to the island. We have 10 suggestions for exciting and memorable nature experiences that you should see on Bornholm.

10 places you should see


Dueodde Beach

This is Bornholms most famous beach with the world's finest sand. Go for a swim in the crystal clear water and see the beautiful surroundings with the many sand dunes. You could also go up to the visitor platform on the lighthouse in Dueodde, from where you can oversee the beach, the sea and most of Southern Bornholm. There are toilets, ice kiosks and several cafés and restaurants close to the beach.


The Sanctuary Cliffs

The name is said to come from an ancient holy well. The area was visited by many people, that wanted to be healed from their illnesses. The Sanctuary Cliffs are about 60 feet high (20 meters) and are situated out to the at times harsh Baltic Sea. The sea is the reason for all the caves in the cliffs. You can visit these caves, one of them leads about 200 feet into the cliff.


Stavehøl Waterfall

Stavehøl Waterfall is formed by the river that falls down a rocky cliff wall. It is considered being one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island and is about 10-12 feet deep. On the way to the waterfall, you'll pass a beautiful rift valley with many different birds.


Randkløve Skår

Between Gudhjem and Svaneke you'll find the rift Randkløve Skår - one of Bornholms most beautiful nature experiences. The 150 feet long and protected rift in a rocky cliff is worth a visit - and if you like to go climbing, you can do that here, too. Besides that, from the coastal paths, you'll have a breathtaking view over cliffs and sea.


The three rocking stones

The Paradise Hills have Bornholms largest rocking stone. It is said to weigh around 35 metric tonnes. Rocking stones are boulders that were moved by the large ice masses during the Ice Ages. In Almindingen, Bornholms largest forest area, is another rocking stone, which only weighs about 7 metric tonnes. The third boulder is situated in the forest area Rutsker Højlyng on Northern Bornholm and is the most known of the three boulders. If you are strong enough, you can move the boulders and they rock.


Døndalen and Denmarks highest waterfall

Visit Denmarks highest waterfall (about 65 feet high) in the rift valley Døndalen. From the viewpoint Amtmandsstenen at the top of the waterfall, you can see over the treetops and the Baltic Sea to Christiansø. There are several hiking trails in the valley and whether you are a rookie or a pro hiker, there is a trail that is perfect for you.


Vang Granite quarry

Do you like mountain biking, climbing on rocky cliffs or do you rather prefer watching birds? then you should visit the old granite quarry Vang Granitbrud. This area has been transformed into a recreational area with hiking and mountain bike trails, shelters and picnic areas - as well as a little beach, down at the old pier. Challenge yourself by walking over the rust-red metal bridge that spans over the two cliffs, while looking through the bottom plates.


Paradise Hills (Paradisbakkerne)

If you like beautiful nature and forests and if you like to go hiking, you should visit the Paradise Hills on Eastern Bornholm some 2 miles north-west of Nexø. The Paradise Hills have Bornholms largest rocking boulder and you can hike on several trails, each with a different distance. You could buy a little map over the area at Bornholms Tourist Information.


Jons Chapel (Jons Kapel)

Visit Jons Chapel at the bottom of a high cliff. A priest is said to have lived here many hundred years ago, who preached the Gospel for the local fishermen. The Pulpit is situated just above the Chapel and can be found at the end of 222 stairs in a rift between two cliffs. The stairs are a perfect place to exercise your fitness program - especially on your way up.


Pissebækken (The Piss Creek)

Even though the name suggests something else - you can drink the water of the creek, whose name literally translates as Piss Creek. The water foams when it falls, which could lead to one thinking of urine. But the water in the creek is crystal clear and without any additives.

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