Bornholm Medieval Centre

Experience the Medieval Centre of Bornholm in Østerlars near Gudhjem, only 500 m from the roundchurch in Østerlars.

Visit the Medieval Centre of Bornholm

Visit the Medieval Centre of Bornholm (Bornholms Middelaldercenter) in Østerlars near Gudhjem. Here you can spend a few hours or perhaps an entire day experiencing daily life in a peasant society from around 1350 to 1450. The Medieval Centre of Bornholm is a historical visitor centre that nestles beautifully in the hills just a few hundred metres from Østerlars Round Church. Something new is added to the centre every year, and it now includes a unique manor.

Handicap-friendly attraction

Access for wheelchairs: Yes *
Handicap parking: Yes
Handicap toilet: Yes

* Limited access to som areas, call for further information

Pirate exhibition

Bornholm’s Medieval Center is ready with this year’s coolest exhibition, “Medieval Pirates in the Baltic Sea”.
Board the pirate ship, visit our mini-exhibition and learn the stories behind the real pirates who sailed around the sea in the Middle Ages. We also offer a pirate tour of the centre for school classes.

See, smell and touch medieval scenes
The Medieval Centre of Bornholm gives you a living, sensory experience by letting you see, smell and touch medieval scenes involving people, animals, houses, a watermill and a fortified rampart. Try out some of the foot soldier’s equipment on the rampart, shoot a bow and arrow, and, at set times, hear a cannon and harquebus being fired. Everyday life is as realistic as possible and the reality also includes working craftsmen and peasants going about their chores.


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