Bornholm Medieval Centre

Experience the Medieval Centre of Bornholm in Østerlars near Gudhjem, only 500 m from the roundchurch in Østerlars.

Visit the Medieval Centre of Bornholm

Visit the Medieval Centre of Bornholm (Bornholms Middelaldercenter) in Østerlars near Gudhjem. Here you can spend a few hours or perhaps an entire day experiencing daily life in a peasant society from around 1350 to 1450. The Medieval Centre of Bornholm is a historical visitor centre that nestles beautifully in the hills just a few hundred metres from Østerlars Round Church. Something new is added to the centre every year, and it now includes a unique manor.

Handicap-friendly attraction

Access for wheelchairs: Yes *
Handicap parking: Yes
Handicap toilet: Yes

* Limited access to som areas, call for further information

See, smell and touch medieval scenes
The Medieval Centre of Bornholm gives you a living, sensory experience by letting you see, smell and touch medieval scenes involving people, animals, houses, a watermill and a fortified rampart. Try out some of the foot soldier’s equipment on the rampart, shoot a bow and arrow, and, at set times, hear a cannon and harquebus being fired. Everyday life is as realistic as possible and the reality also includes working craftsmen and peasants going about their chores.


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  • Stangevej 1
  • 3760 Gudhjem
  • Østerlars

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