Bring your dog or cat to Bornholm

Bornholm is the perfect place for a holiday with your dog. The sunshine island is a dogfriendly paradise, just waiting for you and your dog to discover it.

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When you travel to Bornholm by ferry from Køge, there is nothing in particular to take care of when bringing your dog or cat. When you travel through Sweden, then you have to remember a few things, before coming to the country. Also when travelling via Germany, there are a few things to remember: A valid chip-ID, a valid rabies vaccination and an EU pet passport. Also, the Swedish customs always needs to be informed of the transit of your pet, right after you have crossed the border. Do this either by stopping at a red point at the Customs – or use the online form of the Swedish Customs.

Import rules to Sweden

If you travel to Bornholm with your pets via Sweden you must meet the following four requirements:

1. Valid ID

Dogs and cats travelling between EU countries or into the EU must be id-marked with a microchip.

2. Valid rabies vaccination

The primary rabies vaccination must be given at least 21 days prior to departure. If the animal already has a rabies vaccination, which is still valid, it is not necessary to redo the vaccination.

If revaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the manufactor of the vaccine departure may take place immediately. The rabies vaccination is valid in accordance with the recommendations of the manufactor of the vaccine.
If your animal was vaccinated in another EU Member State than the one you are departuring form, make sure to ask the veterinarian about the recommendations of the rabies vaccination used. Please note that Sweden will only accept animals, which are rabies vaccinated when they are 3 months old at the earliest, and they can only be imported 21 days after the first vaccination.

3. EU pet passport

Your dog or cat must have an EU pet passport. The passport must be issued by a veterinarian and is valid only if it is certified that the animal has been vaccinated againt rabies. It is very important, that the date of identification is prior to or the same as the first rabies vacciation date, which is entered into the EU pet passport. If the date of identification is later than the date of the rabies vaccination, the EU pet passport is not considered valid and the transport is considered illegal.

4. The Border Inspectioin Post must be notified

Dogs and cats imported to Sweden must be notified to the Swedish Customs authorities upon arrival in Sweden. The notification takes place at a so-called “Red Point” at the border. If there is not a customs officer at the “Red Point” you can use the phone at the border or call the phone number, which is located at the border crossing. You can also notify the Swedish Customs via their website.

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Dog-friendly accommodations on Bornholm

Bornholm has a lot of dog-friendly accommodations. The following places have declared themselves as being dog-friendly accommodations. Still, we always recommend you contact the accommodations in advance and check with them whether you can bring your dog.

Dogs at guesthouses

There are a lot of guesthouses on Bornholm. Bringing your dog with you to Bornholm, try to book your accommodation in one of these guesthouses:

Dogs in summer houses and appartements

Would you like to rent a summer house or an appartement on Bornholm and bring your dog with you – try to ask the land lord or the rental office. Or have a look at their website. All rental offices for summer houses and appartements have dog friendly houses and flats in their catalogue / on their website. And a lot of these houses and flats are close to the beach and the water.

Dogs in the forest and on the beach

On Bornholm you can take your dog basically everywhere. However, remember to put your dog on a leash, where it is mandatory – take note of the “Hund i snor” (Dog on leash) signs. Take note of the different periods of time during a year, when it is mandatory to put your dog on a leach. This is to protect the deer in the forests as well as to avoid any harm on other people on the beach and in the forest. Between April 1 and September 30, while being on the beach, dogs must always be put on a leash. From October 1 to March 31, your dog may walk and run on the beach without being put on a leash – as long as it is not doing any harm to others.

If you take your dog into the woods at Dueodde in July and August, pay attention to the big hairy caterpillars of the socalled Thaumetopoea pinivora – the Eastern Pine Processionary – that hang or crawl on the trees or on the ground. Don’t let your dog sniff to or lick those caterpillars, because the caterpillars’ hairs are poisonous and can lead to an allergic reaction or an inflammation on your dog – and they can, in the worst case, provoke a gangrene on your dog’s tongue. Until now though there have only been reported three cases of treated dogs within the last few years. Contact a veterinarian, if you suspect your dog to have had direct contact with a caterpillar.

Dog forests and compounds on Bornholm

There are several forests and large compounds where your dog can be outside and tussle and play:

Blykobbe Plantage dog forest

Address: Haslevej 103B, 3700 Rønne, GPS: 55.1213722, 14.7025099 (Drive along Haslevej to the North and turn left at the sign towards the camping site (on Antoinettevej). You can park your car at Nordskovens Camping. From there you have around 150 m to the beginning of the dog forest).

Blykobbe Plantage Compound, Rønne

Address: Haslevej 146B, 3700 Rønne, GPS: 55.131872, 14.717753 (compound close to the picnic area just north of and outside the city limits of Rønne on Haslevej. Tables and benches are available. Unfortunately there are no big trees, but many stubs and a lot of blackberry growth. Note that the compound is close to a parking lot, which is situated abt. 300 m north of the picninc area).

Hareløkkerne in the Almindingen forest

Address: Segenvej 41, 3720 Aakirkeby, GPS: 55.1260100, 14.9207400 (quite new compound close to the trotting race course in the Almindingen forest. The dog forest is on the opposite of the trotting course Bornholms Brand Park – just to the right side of the childrens playground, where the forest has been cleared).

Hasle Fælled Compound

Address: South of the smokehouses in Hasle, Søndre Bæk 20, 3790 Hasle, GPS: 55.178704, 14.703318 (The compound is situated just between the smokehouses and the forest. Use the parking lot at the smokehouses and continue about 150 m to the south along the bikeway to the forest. Just in front of the forest you’ll find the compound on the right hand side).

Allinge Compound

Address: Behind the Allinge stadion, Stadionvej, 3770 Allinge. GPS: 55.280491, 14.789475. The area is situated at the end of a dead end road, but might be a little hard to spot at first sight.

Nexø Compound

Address: Andersen Nexø Vej, 3730 Nexø. GPS: 55.058137, 15.125395. The compound is situated in the middle of the town. There is a parking lot on the other side of the street that you can use, and there is a tunnel for pedestrians from the parkinglot to the compound.

Klemensker Compound

Address: Stadionvej, 3782 Klemensker. GPS: 55.171578, 14.816894. At the dead end road there is a path, follow this for about 400 m and you’ll find the compound.

No dogs allowed on Christiansø

Maybe you are planning a trip to the Sea fortress Christiansø, while being on holiday on Bornholm with your dog. Dogs and other pets are NOT allowed on Christiansø and Frederiksø. This is because of to the open driking water reservoirs on the island and the island itself being a bird sanctuary. If you still would like to go to Christiansø, you could ask the boarding kennel on Bornholm (Bakkevang) to take care of your dog for the day.

Exemption for guide dogs

According to the shipping company Christiansøfarten, guide dogs are exempted from the rules. That means, that if you need to rely on a guiding dog, you may bring him to Christiansø and Frederiksø – provided that you have him put on a leash all the time while being on the island.

Do you have any other questions relating to a holiday with your dog on Bornholm? Then do not hesitate to contact us via mail or phone: or +45 5695 9500 (press 1).

Veterinarians on Bornholm:

  • Dyrlægegården I/S, Sagavej 4, 3700 Rønne,, Tlf. +45 56 91 19 99
  • Aakirkeby Dyreklinik I/S, Almindingsvej 2b, 3720 Aakirkeby,, Tlf. +45 56 97 49 62
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