Experience an adventurous summer on Bornholm

Here, you will find many cosy, fun and exciting holiday adventures.

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Bornholm is Denmark’s greatest outdoor playground

Unleash your imagination and have a summer holiday on Bornholm, which offers lots of fun and various experiences for the whole family.

Bornholm’s size means that you are always close to your next cosy holiday experience. It does not take more than an hour to cross the island by car, but the many good bike paths make it easy and safe to experience Bornholm on bike. Bornholm is with its many fun attractions, exciting sights, and hidden gems, which are designed to create fantastic holiday memories for all ages.

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Summer tips

Bornholm in the summer is full of beautiful gems just waiting to be explored. Here you find a few tips for unique summer experiences for the whole family.

Unleash your imagination on Bornholm

Bornholm’s unique nature is a vast playground with climbing frames, sandboxes, and slides that you won’t experience anywhere else in Denmark.

On Bornholm, you can climb rocks, but it is also possible to have fun in the treetops if you visit Nature Park in Rø Plantage, where there are climbing paths in the trees. Here are courses with several levels of difficulty, so everyone can join. The place also offers disc golf, soccer golf and a quiz maze.

Everywhere along the Bornholm coast, you will find fine sandy beaches, which are just waiting to be occupied by knights and princess castles. It is always possible to find a beach on the lee side, pack a picnic and set off for new adventures.

Go on a voyage of discovery

Children love to play with water and look for hidden treasures. On Bornholm, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the fishing net in lakes and ponds full of life. End the day at one of the island’s nature playgrounds with a bonfire. You can also find small fine stones that you can paint on and take home as a cosy holiday memory.

Did you know that Bornholm is the only place where dinosaurs have lived in Denmark? Visit the beach below Hasle Røgeri and walk towards Kultippen. It is possible to find traces of prehistoric animals.

Take the children on a fossil hunt, see if you are lucky, or visit NaturBornholm and see their exciting exhibition about dinosaurs and the island’s creation.

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Try out Denmark’s longest zipline

Of course, you must visit Hammershus, an impressive view on the high cliffside facing the sea. Suppose you go to Hammeren and the Opal Lake a little further north. In that case, you get a completely unique experience in Denmark’s perhaps wildest zipline. The old granite quarry, which has become the Opal Lake, is one of Bornholm’s most beautiful places. With its 290 meters, the zipline is Denmark’s longest, so a great ride is waiting for you.

For small children, the zipline in Brændesgårdshaven is probably more suitable. You can also experience hand-powered carousels, a small zoo, and an outdoor water park for children and adults in the old garden.

Bornholm has much to offer, so pack your suitcase and explore the summer island. It is quick and easy to get here by boat.

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