The best hints for your hyggelig Bornholm summer holiday with kids

On Bornholm you can enjoy bright white sandy beaches, where both grown-ups and children can go bathing. You could also enjoy a tour into the Bornholm Nature with children-fiendly bike trails and hiking tours along the rocky cliffs at the beautiful coast. Furthermore you can visit an abundance of informative and great attractions for the whole family.

Know more about your hyggelig family holiday on Bornholm this summer

Have fun in an amusement park or learn something about the island’s fascinating history in several experience centres. Bornholm has also something to offer for the sweet tooth – sweet temptations from local production.

All over the island you’ll find hyggelige bathing spots and long sandy beaches with a lot of space to frolic. Small children can get used to the water at the shallow beaches at Balka and Dueodde. Those of you who want to climb along a rocky cliffs or in tree tops – just do it. There are a lot of possibilities on Bornholm.

Bornholm nature is unique – discover a lot of seldom animals, insects and plants, when you go hiking. And along your bike trail you will pass huge rocky stones, that rock, when you push at the right places. If you want to experience a real sea fortress, you could go to Christiansø, the small group of islands Northeast of Bornholm.

Travel to Bornholm
Itinerary for a family week on Bornholm
Walks on Bornholm
Bicycle holiday on Bornholm

Here is your guide to family-friendly accommodation on Bornholm

If you are looking for an accommodation for the whole family during your summer holiday - Bornholm is the perfect place. Here is just a small selection of our partners:
Birds of Prey Show
Østerlars round church
Bornholm Medieval Centre
Meet a bison on Bornholm
Bornholm for children

Here is your guide to family-friendly attractions on Bornholm

You can really look forward to your summer holiday on Bornholm - we have a lot of experiences, who are just waiting for you and your phantasie. Bornholm and kids - simply an inseparable connection. Here is a smal selection of the best attractions:

Gastro for kids

Many kids love cooking. Maybe this holiday is the right time to teach your children how to cook. Both adults and kids can enjoy culinary adventures on Bornholm – the gastro-island, that national and international magazines have written about in so many articles. Local food producers and restaurants on the island are really high quality minded in their work – and a lot of things are being offered especially for kids.

Specialties straight from nature

When you first have discovered, what you can collect and eat straight from nature and what you can use it for when you cook – you should stop by the many sales booths along the roads with fruit and vegetables. Or visit the Market Hall Torvehal Bornholm in Rønne together. There you’ll find an abundance of tasty delicacies produced on Bornholm – and then you are all set to prepare and experiment with you own versions of Bornholm gourmet food dishes

Food & Drinks
Bornholm Smokehouses
A sweet tooth
Torvehal Bornholm

Here is your guide to family-friendly restaurants and cafées on Bornholm

Should you feel like going out for dinner, you could visit one of several gourmet restaurants on the island, where kids are more than welcome. And there are a lot of hyggelige family-friendly restaurants that know exactly, what the kids like to eat.
Bicycle route - The Bornholm Gourmet Route
Rainy day activities on Bornholm with children

Here is your family-friendly shopping guide to Bornholm

Regardless what you might need just now - there are a lot of shopping possibilities for the whole family. Here is a little selection:
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