Enjoy the summer together on Bornholm

Get the best tips for the summer holiday here

Bornholm is made for fantastic holiday memories

With its long, white sandy beaches, cosy, small port towns and majestic cliffs, Bornholm is definitely something extraordinary.

Once you have experienced a summer on Bornholm, you will most likely come back for more because there is always something new to see and experience on Bornholm.

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Summer tips

Bornholm in the summer is full of beautiful gems just waiting to be explored. Here you get a few tips for unforgettable summer experiences.

The taste of the Bornholm

The summer island has many cosy farm shops, roadside stalls, and farms where you can dive into the taste of Bornholm. Treat yourself to stopping the places you pass by on your way and taste, smell and feel.

Bornholm’s unique climate makes the island’s own produce very special. Many skilled producers on the island know how to utilize this most beautifully. Of course, this also applies to many of the island’s good restaurants, which are ready to treat you to everything from smoked herring to a 6-course menu.

If you come to Bornholm in June, you may be lucky to experience the cooking competition: Sol over Gudhjem (Sun above Gudhjem). Here several of Denmark’s most talented chefs compete in various disciplines. Of course, only local ingredients are used.

Experience Bornholm from the seaside – SUP your way through the summer

If you have not tried SUP (Stand Up Paddle) yet, then you might as well start getting excited. SUP is a sport where everyone can participate.

The best of surfing and kayaking are combined in this sport. You also get close to nature and the waves of the sea. Bornholm’s varied nature makes it possible for everyone to participate. Whether you dare to explore the rock caves in the north or just want to enjoy a leisurely stroll along the beautiful long sandy beaches in the south, a fantastic experience awaits you.

If you prefer to stay dry, it is also possible to sail out on an island sightseeing boat from either Hammerhavn, Gudhjem or Helligdomsklipperne.

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Sound of summer

In the summer, the island is buzzing, and you are awakened by the most beautiful morning chorus of birds singing. The long bright summer nights also offer entirely different sounds.

Bornholm provides a ton of large and small music experiences throughout the summer. You will find everything from small, intimate concerts to Denmark’s perhaps most beautiful festival, which takes place at Hammershus from 18-21. August.

During the summer, the following musicians will visit the island: The Minds of 99, Mø, Lukas Graham, the Shubbers, D-A-D and many more. In other words, this will be a fantastic summer when it comes to exciting music experiences.

Pack your suitcase and explore the summer island. It is quick and easy to get here by both plane and ferry.

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