Enjoy the best summer for two on Bornholm

The island has endless opportunities for great experiences

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Bornholm is perfect for getting the best holiday memories

Do you want to enjoy a summer holiday in Denmark that focuses on quality time, delicious locally produced food, activities in nature and art and culture experiences? Then Bornholm is the place for you. Here you will find more than 150 km of coastline with fabulous and long white sandy beaches, unique rock formations and cozy old market towns. Bornholm’s size means that it never takes more than half an hour to arrive at the next activity or attraction – no matter where you live on Bornholm.

Cheap tickets and comfortable travel routes to the island

Bornholmslinjen’s fast ferries, sails from Ystad in Sweden and takes you to the rocky island in only 1 hour and 20 minutes. You can get tickets from DKK 99, – one-way (car, including up to 5 people). You can take the bus or train from Copenhagen to Ystad. You can read more about traveling from Copenhagen to Ystad by bus or train further down the page.

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Over 230 km cycle paths
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A visit to a smokehouse is a must when you are on Bornholm

Many things to experience on Bornholm

History has made clear traces on Bornholm. For example, experience the beautiful old round churches or Northern Europe’s largest castle ruin, Hammershus, where a new impressive visitor center has opened. Just over an hour’s journey from Gudhjem you can visit Christiansø, where the well-maintained fortification testifies to the island’s past as a naval base.

Use your energy in the nature

Are you into an active holiday? Then try the great bike paths, which stretches 230 km through the island’s varied nature. Those who love mountain bikes have discovered that the island is ideal for both competitions and training.

Are you interested in a good run in beautiful surroundings? Then there are marked routes in a number of the island’s forest areas. A jog in the blue is perhaps the very best way to explore and go sightseeing around the local area.

If you are more adventurous, then you can climb on rocks, sail in sea kayak, surf, dive and much more – Bornholm is the island of opportunity.

Find your accommodation on Bornholm

For a romantic and relaxing holiday for two on Bornholm you will need a cosy accommodation. Here are some possibilities:
Arts and crafts on Bornholm
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