Baltic Sea Glass

Shop glass at Baltic Sea Glass in Melsted outside Gudhjem.

The finest art since 1981

Bornholm’s dramatic nature and a glowing passion for the aesthetic and technical possibilities inspired the enthusiastic couple Maibritt Jönsson and Pete Hunner to the establishment of Baltic Sea Glass back in 1981.

Since then, the studio southeast of Gudhjem has become a creative center for some of the most talented glass blowers and the finest glass art.

The couple has built on the artistic method and practice to perfection, and today Jönsson & Hunner has taken a prominent position in the Danish and international glass world – represented at museums and collections worldwide.









The collaboration & inspiration

The inspiration for our work comes mainly from the nature at Bornholm. The creative process is a “Ping-pong” between us and the hot glass mass. Our interpretation is based on a common ground, through curious interactions, which eventually end up in a joint collaboration. This is where our hearts are!











Welcome into the heat

Visit the webshop with glass for everyday use and unique pieces. And if you want to get up close when the secrets of glass art is revealed, you are also welcome in the studio – with both workshop, shop and events.

Stay updated by following us on Facebook and Instagram and sign up for the newsletter. Here you can read about special theme nights, new unique works and latest news from the world of glass art.



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Tlf. +45 5648 5641




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3760 Gudhjem

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