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Discover the Danish Island Bornholm this winter

In the middle of the Baltic Sea, you will find Bornholm. The winter nights can be cold, quiet and clear here, but winter is the best time to discover the island’s authenticity: the island’s unique nature lures with raw beauty and sheer power. Watch the waves against the steep cliffs and enjoy beautiful walks along the white sandy beaches and twisted cliff paths.

How about enjoying the old towns’ cosy atmosphere and visiting the island’s many exciting museums? Enjoy the island’s nice cafes and restaurants, where you can taste Bornholm’s specialities and get in the Christmas spirit at Bornholms Christmas Market in Nexø, where you can also do your Christmas shopping.

Traveling to Bornholm is easy and fast by plane or ferry

Your relaxing holiday on Bornholm (also named one of Europe’s best holiday Islands by Conde Nast Traveler) begins when boarding the ferry. The modern and direct ferry from Sassnitz/Mukran on the German Island Rügen brings you quickly and safely to Bornholm. In less than 3½ hours.

You can also travel by high-speed ferry from Ystad in Sweden – or take the plane from Copenhagen to Rønne on Bornholm.

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Get closer to Bornholm: Hiking, waders, and winter bathing

If you want to embrace your inner outdoorsman, then a venture into Bornholm’s nature offers you everything from forests to cliffs and even sandy beaches.

Did you know that Bornholm is the perfect place for coastal fishing in the winter? The size of the island means that you can always find a place where the wind conditions are favorable.

All over the island, you will find good hiking trails that will take you through Bornholm’s varied nature. If you are up for a refreshing dip in the sea, Bornholm has several nice places with good conditions for winter bathers.

Bornholm is the first World Craft Region in Europe

For centuries, crafts have been a tradition on Bornholm. And because of its high quality, Bornholm has been named the first European Word Craft Region by the World Craft Council. Pay a visit to some of the local crafts makers.

Discover the taste of the Bornholm’s cuisine

Everywhere on the island, you’ll find cosy restaurants. Many of them solely use local ingredients for their menus. The perfect basis for your romantic “Dinner for two”.

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Starry nights: Watch the night sky over Bornholm
Visit the local craft makers this winter
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Recommendations of the month - outstanding experiences on Bornholm for you

Bornholm offers a bunch of experiences - all year round. No matter what time of year you visit, we want to make it easy for you to find the experiences to make your holiday on Bornholm unique and memorable.

Useful information - how to get to Bornholm and where to find your accommodation

The direct ferry from Sassnitz/Rügen in Germany brings you to Bornholm twice a week. Thursday and Sunday from only €94,- one-way (car with up to 5 persons).

The hosts of the many accommodations on Bornholm are looking forward to welcoming you after an exciting day on the island. Find more information here:
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