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The easy and fast way to Bornholm

Travel with Bornholmslinjen: It only takes you 80 minutes from Ystad in Southern Sweden – or three hours from Copenhagen. You could also fly with DAT from Copenhagen (CPH), Aalborg (AAL) or Billund (BLL) to Bornholm (RNN) – the flying time is around 40 minutes. During summertime, you can also fly from Aarhus (AAR) as well as from Berlin (TXL) and Saarbrücken (SCN, via TXL) or from Stavanger (SVG) and Stord (SRP) via Billund (BLL). Alsie Express operates also a summer route to Bornholm from Sønderborg (SGD).

→ More information: “Travel to Bornholm – by ferry, plane, bus or train”

Inspiration for your winter holiday on Bornholm

Travel to winter, peace and silence
Hidden gems
10 less visited nature spots on Bornholm
Enjoy the real silence
Visit (and stay overnight) on the old sea fortress Christiansø
Maker's Island Bornholm
Learn more about Bornholms creative craftsmen
Christmas on Bornholm

Enjoy your active holiday or relaxation on Bornholm

bornholm.info provides you with useful hints on great restaurants, where you either can have a solid and inexpensive family dinner or enjoy a perfect “Dinner for two” – even with a view and a sunset over the Sea.

And after a delicious dinner choose from a wide selection of cosy accommodation, where you can get some rest and wake up to a new day with a lot of experiences.

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