Summer on Bornholm

Once you have experienced a summer on Bornholm, there is no going back - Bornholm will steal your heart.

Get the best tips for your summer holiday here

Summer is almost here and has a wide range of experiences to make the most wonderful memories for you and your loved ones.

Imagine; Sand crunching underneath your feet, and you take a bite of the ice cream you bought after your swim in the blue sea. The light taste of sea salt mixes with the sweetness of the ice cream – Can you imagine? That is summer on Bornholm.

Bornholm is buzzing in the summertime. You will find small, delicious shops with Bornholm handicrafts and cosy roadside stalls with sweet Bornholm strawberries and new potatoes everywhere. There is small intimate concerts all over the island and a wide range of fun experiences for the whole family.

On Bornholm, you get the best of the Danish summer in one place.

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Recommendations of the month - outstanding experiences on Bornholm for you

Bornholm offers a bunch of experiences - all year round. No matter what time of year you visit, we want to make it easy for you to find the experiences to make your holiday on Bornholm unique and memorable.

Every month, we highlight some selected, current, and exciting experiences that you shouldn't miss. There are also great suggestions for accommodation and transportation to the island.
It's easy getting to Bornholm by ferry or plane
Tips: accommdation on Bornholm in the summer
Visit the Bornholm Smokehouses
Hiking on Bornholm

Here is your guide to summer events on Bornholm

Bornholm is the place to be for various events during the summer. See a small selection here:
Tourist Information on Bornholm
Transportation on Bornholm
7 hidden gems on Bornholm
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