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With its distinctive skyline of smokehouse chimneys, Gudhjem is Denmark's only town on a hill, and the gateway to the island of Christiansø.

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Gudhjem – the town of painters, the cradle of smokehouses and the gateway to Christiansø

The beautiful harbour town of Gudhjem is perched on a hillside, and the many smokehouse chimneys bear witness to the heyday of smoked fish exports. The town still boasts an active smokehouse, the perfect spot to enjoy the Bornholm speciality of Sol over Gudhjem (Sun over Gudhjem).

Gudhjem was also the home to the famous Bornholm painter Oluf Høst, and today his former house has been transformed into the cosy Oluf Høst Museum, showing an extensive collection of his works. Many well-known Danish painters have lived in Gudhjem and Christiansø over the years, such as Poul Høm, who lived in the town with his wife Lisbeth Munch-Pedersen, a renowned potter.

It is also from the harbour in Gudhjem that you can sail to Denmark’s easternmost islands, Ertholmene, and experience the old sea fortress of Christiansø.

Visit Oluf Høst's former artist's home and summer studio
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Discover Gudhjem’s beautiful station building

When you arrive in Gudhjem, the best place to park is in one of the three free car parks located above the town. Parking here also gives you the opportunity to walk to the town in the footsteps of multiple generations before you, as this is where Gudhjem’s former station used to be.

Gudhjem was the last stop on the old railway line, which ran from 1916 to 1952 from Christianshøj in Almindingen Forest to Gudhjem. The station buildings along the railway line were designed by architects Kay Fisker and Aage Rafn. They are now listed buildings and make fine Danish architectural treasures in the Bornholm landscape.

Today, you can visit Gudhjem Museum in the well-preserved old station building at the top of Gudhjem.


Parking in Gudhjem
Gudhjem Museum – a hub of art, nature and history in Gudhjem

Gudhjem: Quarry valleys, rocky outcrops and an enchanted castlerg

For many people, no holiday on Bornholm is complete without a visit to Gudhjem. While there’s nothing better than enjoying an ice cream on a stroll through the town, the surrounding countryside also has plenty to offer, so be sure to explore the area.

The coastal path from Nørresand towards Salenebugten Bay is steeped in history and was the favourite hiking spot of painter Oluf Høst. The trail takes you past Ravneskåret, an enchanting fortress in the cliffs, and the four ancient stone monuments known as Hestestenene.

Boat trips from the distinctive Helligdomsklipper cliffs back to Gudhjem along the rocky coast are available for most of the year. This is also where you’ll find Bornholms Kunstmuseum (Bornholm Art Museum), which is currently under renovation and set to reopen in 2026.


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Shopping in and around Gudhjem
Explore these great nature spots in and around Gudhjem

Melsted: Bornholm’s cosy fishing village

Just south of Gudhjem is the charming Melsted with its idyllic fishing village, gorgeous beach and small traditional Bornholm fishermen’s houses overlooking the Baltic Sea.

Melsted is a journey back in time – a beautiful little pocket of the past and also home to ‘gaarden’ that houses the cosy agricultural museum of Melstedgård, Skafferiet and Bornholms Madkulturhus (Bornholm House of Local Food Culture) – a must-see if you want to experience authentic Bornholm

An adventure in medieval times: Guided tours, treasure hunts and events

A little further inland, just 500 metres from Østerlars Round Church, is Bornholms Middelaldercenter (Bornholm’s Medieval Centre) – a 15-hectare open-air museum that offers a vibrant and interactive journey back to 14th century Bornholm.

Guided tours are available to take you on a journey back to the lifestyle, craftsmanship and architecture of the time. The museum also runs exciting treasure hunts for kids, and annual events such as the Medieval Festival and Christmas Market. There really is something for everyone!

Bornholm’s Medieval Centre is a must-see for keen historians and those with a taste for adventure.

Visit Gaarden and Melstedgård Agricultural Museum
Take an exciting journey back in time to the Middle Ages

Holidays in Gudhjem – great places to stay

There are many great places to stay in and around Gudhjem. Gudhjem offers everything from beach hotels and 5-star campsites to cosy little holiday apartments, holiday homes, guesthouses and hostels.

The accommodation is often surrounded by beautiful and unique scenery.

Find a list of places to stay here:

The cradle of smokehouses – discover the flavour of Bornholm

It’s no coincidence that Bornholm’s food culture capital is located in Gudhjem, as this is where Bornholm’s first smokehouse was opened in 1866, and herring has been smoked here ever since. At one point, there were over 100 smokehouses in the town, hence why Gudhjem was also known as the “Town of 100 Chimneys”.

Today, Gudhjem smokehouse serves tasty fish dishes – including, of course, Bornholm’s national dish of Sol over Gudhjem.

There are many other great places to eat in and around Gudhjem, and the town is also known for its wide selection of scrumptious ice cream, locally produced toffees and chocolate.

Discover places to eat in and around Gudhjem
Gudhjem has a small bakery with a Pippi Longstocking vibe

Parking and car parks in Gudhjem

Finding a parking space in the town is tricky, especially in summer. However, there are three free car parks located above the town
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The harbour is between 500 and 850 metres away. Of course, if you struggle to walk, parking is also available in the town centre.
Get more information about parking in Gudhjem here

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