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Prices from DKK 99,- (Rønne-Ystad), from DKK 199,- (Rønne-Køge) and from DKK 499,- (Rønne-Sassnitz), resp. car + max. 5 people one way.

Bornholmslinjen offers three different types of tickets: Lowprice, Flex and Standard tickets. Lowprice tickets can be rebooked for a service fee of DKK 50,-, Flex and Standard tickets can be rebooked free of charge (however a possible price difference to the then available cheapest ticket price will be charged additionally).

Lowprice and Flex tickets can be rebooked to a departure within one month after the original departure, Standard tickets to a departure within three months after the original departure.

Lowprice and Flex tickets cannot be refunded, Standard Tickets can be refunded for a fee of 20% of the ticketprice or minimum DKK 100,-.

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Note that there are three different ticket classes. Lowfare is the cheapest ticket class which can be changed/rebooked for a fee of DKK 50,-, whereas Flex- and Standard-Tickets can be rebooked free of charge.


Ticket office and terminal

Opening season

Terminal Rønne

Terminal Køge

Terminal Ystad

Terminal Sassnitz

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday 1½ hour before ferry departure - after ferry has departed

Special opening days

Special closing days

Ticket booking

Contact information

Tlf. +45 70 900 100




Dampskibskajen 5

3700 Rønne

Telephone hours

6.30 am – 12 am on +45 70 900 100

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