Bornholmslinjen will be the ferry operator to and from Bornholm from September 1, 2018.

From Saturday, September 1, 2018, Bornholmslinjen will operate the ferries to and from Bornholm until 2028.

Ticket sale has opened for all departures. Prices from DKK 99,- (Rønne-Ystad), from DKK 199,- (Rønne-Køge) and from DKK 499,- (Rønne-Sassnitz), resp. car + max. 5 people one way.

Bornholmslinjen offers three different types of tickets: Lowprice, Flex and Standard tickets. Lowprice tickets can be rebooked for a service fee of DKK 100,-, Flex and Standard tickets can be rebooked free of charge (however a possible price difference to the then available cheapest ticket price will be charged additionally). Lowprice and Flex tickets can be rebooked to a departure within one month after the original departure, Standard tickets to a departure within three months after the original departure.

Lowprice and Flex tickets cannot be refunded, Standard Tickets can be refunded for a fee of 20% of the ticketprice or minimum DKK 100,-.

See also this page with relevant questions and answers connected to the change between BornholmerFærgen and Bornholmslinjen.

Ticket sale for Bornholmslinjen

You can book your tickets for departures to and from Bornholm with Bornholmslinjen from September 1, 2018 now.

Note that there are three different ticket classes. Lowfare is the cheapest ticket class which can be changed/rebooked for a fee of DKK 100,-, whereas Flex- and Standard-Tickets can be rebooked free of charge.

NB: Rigth now you can only book tickets for departures until December 31, 2018.




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