Restaurants on Bornholm

Discover the best restaurants on Bornholm, from gourmet eateries to cosy cafés. Find your favourites with our comprehensive guide to the island’s culinary experiences.

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Culinary experiences on Bornholm

Bornholm is known for its rich culinary heritage. The island offers a wealth of dining experiences ranging from fine dining in gourmet restaurants to cosy cafés and traditional smokehouses. Bornholm’s culinary scene combines local traditions with modern gastronomy, making it a must for food lovers.

Local ingredients and specialities on Bornholm

Bornholm’s cuisine is strongly influenced by the island’s local ingredients and long-standing culture of smoking and salt curing. Bornholm’s unique location in the Baltic Sea means it has a milder climate than the rest of the Nordic region, with many hours of sunshine. Spring and summer are drier and late summer is warmer. This yields a wide variety of ingredients such as mulberries and figs, all flavoured by the island’s soil and fresh sea air – the very taste of Bornholm.

The island’s chefs pride themselves on using fresh, locally grown produce such as potatoes and cabbage, and many restaurants grow their own herbs or forage for them in the wild. Bornholm meat and freshly smoked fish are also on the menu. This focus on local ingredients ensures that the dishes are both fresh and flavourful.

Høstet - Havtorn Bornholm
Food & Drinks
Risteriet Sueños
Krogsholm Frugt

The Bornholm smokehouse: a unique experience

The characteristic smokehouse chimneys can be seen throughout the Bornholm landscape. In the old days Bornholm had over 100 active smokehouses, and today the island has 10 that continue to keep the ancient art alive.

You can enjoy delicious smoked herring, salmon and trout, child-friendly fishcakes and other wonderful smoked delicacies. Several of the smokehouses have a restaurant attached, so you can choose to eat the freshly-smoked fish right there, enjoy it out in the beautiful Bornholm nature or take it home with you.

Food & Drinks
Aarsdale Smokehouse & Bistro
Food & Drinks
Svaneke Røgeri
Food & Drinks
Nexø Gamle Røgeri
Food & Drinks
Hasle Røgeri

Gourmet experiences on Bornholm

Bornholm has become a popular destination for gourmet experiences. The island’s chefs often use local ingredients to create dishes that are both innovative and true to Bornholm’s culinary heritage. Whether you’re looking for a Michelin-star experience or an intimate meal with local flavours, Bornholm’s gourmet restaurants offer something for everyone.

Tips for 4 gourmet restaurants

Some of the best gourmet restaurants on Bornholm include:

Kadeau Bornholm: Bornholm’s only Michelin-starred restaurant. Known for its use of local and seasonal ingredients.

Nordlandet: Providing a beautiful setting and stunning views alongside its gourmet dishes.

Restaurant Le Port: A fusion of French and Danish cuisine. Amazing views of the Baltic Sea.

Det Røde Pakhus: Creating refined and imaginative dishes with local ingredients. The desserts are a real highlight.

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Food & Drinks
Den Lille Havfrue
Food & Drinks
Restaurant Nordlandet

Family-friendly restaurants on Bornholm

Bornholm also offers a wealth of wonderful culinary experiences for families with children. The island has many restaurants and cafés that cater for families, with menus that include both adult and child-friendly dishes using quality ingredients. These eateries ensure that everyone in the family has a great dining experience.

Tips for family-friendly restaurants

Svaneke Bryghus: Quality food with a focus on taste and local ingredients is served inside the charming old merchant’s building.

Dueodde Diner & Steakhouse: Inspired by the American diners of yesteryear. Serving everything from pizza to great steaks.

Café Munter: This café on Store Torv goes all in on Bornholm produce. The burger patties are from Hallegaard, while the buns are specially made by Jensens Bageri.

Brøddan: A variedbuffet with something for the whole family. Once the kids have eaten, they can play with others in the children’s corner.

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Food & Drinks
Gudhjem Røgeri
Food & Drinks
Restaurant Pakhuset
Café Klint
Bornholms Ismejeri

Cosy cafés and bistros on Bornholm

Bornholm offers a number of cosy cafés and bistros in addition to its restaurants. Perfect for a relaxing meal or coffee break, these places often feature homemade cakes and local specialities.

Norresan Gudhjem: Cosy coffee shop right by the sea. Local and homemade products. Light bites and delicious food.

Brohuset ved Hammershus: Offers freshly prepared dishes, sandwiches and sweet treats with unrivalled views of the castle ruins.

Aarsdale Smokehouse & Bistro:  Where the smell of the smokehouse chimneys mingles with the scent of innovation – enjoy smoked goods for lunch and delicious bistro dishes for dinner.

Fru Petersens Cafe: Try Bornholm’s answer to the famous South Jutland cake table, or a lunch table with everything from classic tartlets to red berry pudding with cream.

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Pension Sandbogaard
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Den Gamle Barber
Norresan Gudhjem
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