Hiking on Bornholm

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The nature of Bornholm

Experience sandy beaches, forests and skerries on Bornholm. Go on a hike in one of the great rift valleys created in the Ice Age and experience The Baltic Sea in mild and windy versions.

In the spring, tens of thousands of flowering cherry trees and millions of anemones and ramsons cover the island in white. The nature on Bornholm is one of the reasons why many people choose to visit the island. And nature on Bornholm is unique!

German hiking magazine TREKKING names Bornholm second-best hiking region in Europe

The hiking Magazin TREKKING has named Bornholm the second-best hiking region in Europe.

Not to forget the Reader’s Choice Award from Travel Magazine Condé Nast Traveler, naming Bornholm the second-best Holiday Island in Europe in 2019.

Walk around or across the island

You can walk around Bornholm, along the old rescue path, which has now become the coastal path. If you choose to walk part of the total 120 km on the coastal path, you come through versatile and unique nature.

You can walk across the island on the new Højlyngssti. The path is 67 km long. It takes you from the rocky northern part of Bornholm through Denmark’s 5′ largest forest Almindingen. Towards the destination, the city of Årsdale, on Bornholm’s southeast coast.

Experience Bornholm along the coastal path
Experience Bornholm along Højlyngsstien

Helpful information for the long hike

Along the coastal path, there are many options for accommodation in the several fishing villages you encounter along the way. In most places, you can choose whether you want to stay in beautiful campsites, cosy bed & breakfasts or comfortable hotels.

On Højlyngsstien, the choice of accommodation is more limited. But there are many options for wild camping. However, when walking on Højlyngsstien, it is not far by bus or car to one of the island’s cities where you can find excellent accommodation.

Even though the trails are marked with signage, bringing a map is still a good idea. You can, for example, download the app Hiking on Bornholm, where you will find maps of the trails.

Sleep outside
Read about campsites and shelters
For your next trip
Download the app about hikes on Bornholm

Shorter walks on Bornholm

There are old rescue trails along the entire coast of Bornholm. Small trails lead through the unique Bornholm nature in the forests and the rift valleys. Enjoy, for example, a walk around Hammerknuden or follow the exciting Stenhuggersti.

You can also try two of the hiking expert Gitte Holtze’s favourite trails – unique to both of them is that they end at a waterfall. Walk along the cosy Kobbe Å until you reach the beautiful Stavehøl waterfall, where the water has an uninterrupted fall of almost 7 meters. The second hike starts close to Helligdomsklipperne and takes you into Døndalen. The waterfall is an impressive sight, especially in the spring and the winter. With its 25 meters, it is Denmark’s highest waterfall!

Or how about a walk along the coastal path between Saltuna and Bølshavn with small fishing villages, wild cliffs, coastal forests, saltmarshes and valleys?

Experience the beautiful southern part of Bornholm
Walk around Dueodde
Experience the rocky northern part of Bornholm
Walk around Hammerknuden
Cosy walk
From Bølshavn to Saltuna
Unique nature
From Gines Minde to Vang
Amazing and beautiful nature
From Gudhjem to Helligdommen
Experience Kultippen
From Hasle to Skovly

Hiking in Almindingen and Paradisbakkerne

In the middle part of the island, there are many opportunities for fantastic hiking experiences. Take a walk through Ekkodalen, which with its 12 km, is Bornholm’s longest rift valley. You can also follow the Bison Path, where you may be lucky enough to see the beautiful European bison.

Visit Bornholm’s two castle ruins in Almindingen, Gamleborg and Lilleborg. Or Bornholm’s highest point, Rytterknægten, and walk up the tower, Kongemindet, where you’ll get a fantastic view of the forest from above.

Do not forget Paradisbakkerne (The Paradise Hills) and its twin Helvedesbakkerne (The Hell Hills) in the southeastern part of Almindingen. Paradise Hills is a privately owned nature area. The forest grows wild and undisturbed, a fantastic experience. Also, Bornholm’s largest rocking stone is in Paradisbakkerne.

Walk along the Bison Path
4 Walks in Almindingen
Paradise Hills
A hike in Paradise
The Paradise Hills
3 hikes in the Paradise Hills
The Paradise Hills
A heavenly walk in hell

Accommodation when hiking on Bornholm

Suppose you are on one of the longer hiking trails on Bornholm. There are several hostels, guesthouses, hotels, etc., that you can contact for accommodation.

Books, hiking maps and other information for your hike

In Bornholm's tourist information or in our webshop, you can order various hiking maps, books and other useful material for your hikes on Bornholm. Order by clicking on the links below.

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