Walks on Bornholm

Meet nature - go for a beautiful walk on Bornholm. Get some suggestions here.

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Sandy beaches, forests and skerries. Walks in fantastic rift valleys created by the Ice Age. The Baltic Sea in both a mild and windy version. The tens of thousands of flowering cherry trees, which together with the millions of anemones and ramsons cover the island in white. The natural world on Bornholm is the main reason why many people choose to visit the island. And nature on Bornholm is unique!

German hike magazine TREKKING names Bornholm as second best hike region in Europe

The German Hiking Magazin TREKKING has just recently (in February 2021) named Bornholm second best hiking region in Europe – beside Gran Canaria as number 1 and Iceland as number 3. Another fine honour for the Baltic Sea Island.

And then there’s also the Readers’ Choice Award from the Travel Magazine Condé Nast Traveler in 2019, that named Bornholm as second best Holiday Island in Europe.

Walk - Around Dueodde
Walk - Around Hammerknuden
Walk - Bølshavn-Saltuna
Walk - Gines Minde - Vang

Walk all over Bornholm

There are many ways to explore the Bornholm nature. Try a sail from Gudhjem to Helligdomsklipperne or one of the trips from Hammer Harbour, where you can see the rocky coast with bird cliffs and fantastic caves, beautiful shapes, and great colors. Try a walk around Hammerknuden or along the streams Kobbe Å and Døndale Å, which both end at a waterfall where Døndalefaldet with its 25 m is the highest waterfall of Denmark. Or take a trip through the Echo Valley, which is 12 km and the longest rift valley of the island. Or try the coastal path between Saltuna and Bølshavn with small fishing villages, wild cliffs, coastal forests, marshes and valleys. Or or or … opportunities and places are many. We have some walk suggestions for you further down in this article.

Walk - Gudhjem-Helligdommen
Walk - Hasle-Skovly
Walks - Paradisbakkerne
Walks - 4 tours in Almindingen

Here you can stay overnight on your hiking tour on Bornholm

It might be, that you are on a longer hiking tour on Bornholm. There are several hostels, guesthouses, hotels, etc. that you can contact for accommodation.

App: Vandreture (Hiking tours)

Hiking tours on Bornholm and in whole of Denmark

  • Information on accessibility, even with a perambulator or wheelchair
  • Over 1200 different tours in Denmark – included a detailed description
  • Show hiking tours for different areas in Denmark

The app Vandreture in in both Danish and English and costs DKK 9,- in the Danish App Store

Big hiking events on Bornholm

You can go hiking on Bornholm on your own - but you can also walk together with others. Here are some hiking events on Bornholm, that you could participate in:
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