Courtesy, good experiences and safety in nature

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Here on the island of Bornholm, we love our nature. Actually, we love it so much, that we use it all year round. Bornholm encompasses rocky landscapes, deep forests, open spaces, long coastlines, white beaches and hilly terrain. The great diversity of landscapes holds many possibilities of outdoor experiences, where you can try everything; from hiking to fast.paced mountainbiking as well as diving, kayaking, surfing and much more. Nature delivers outdoor experiences on land and at sea.

In other words: Bornholm has the best opportunities for outdoor experiences.

To continue enjoying our beloved bornholmian nature, we have developed Bornholm’s Outdoor Code. A code of easy ethical guidelines ensuring courtesy, good experiences and safety within nature.

We hope, that you will assist us maintianing good experiences for everyone within the beautiful nature of Bornholm. See you out there!


Perform your outdoor activitity, where it is permitted

It is recommended to always follow the rules in force of a certain area – if it is on land, at sea or in the air.

  • Be aware og signs and know the meaning of them. Does an area or a path refer to a specific outdoor activitiy, then use the area or path  as much as possible for the referred outdoor activity; e.g. paths for horseback riding, mountainbike trails etc. In some cases, there is referred to more outdoor activities on the same area / on the same path. Be aware of rules and time of stay in certain areas. You may e.g. not be in private forest from sundown till 6 am in the morning.
  • Don’t step on crops, and don’t use ancient monuments, ancient burial grounds, embankments and stairs during your outdoor activity. Stairs can of course be used by hikers and runners.
  • If your outdoor activity requires licens, permit, certification, a course etc., then make sure to have valid legitimation at hand.
  • Use only parking places, which is referred to through maps or signs. No space? Then find another parking space.


Perform your outdoor activity responsibly

The Danish Road Traffic Act also applies in the nature – Follow the traffic rules and be aware of the priority to the right.

  • Lower speed when you meet other users and keep distance, when you need to pass. Always customize your speed to your surroundings and the nature of the paths/trasils. If you are more than one person, then warn about potential dangers ahead and keep distance to other users in front and back. We don’t recommend being alone while enjoying your outdoor activity. Some outdoor activities require at least a team of two persons. It is recommended being able to provide first aid, since it is important for the safety of everyone.
  • Stay on the side on paved roads and be always visible towards motorists and other users. If it’s dark, then use lights and reflexes.
  • If you are listening to music, while enjoying your outdoor activity, then keep the sound on a level, so that you can still hear other users, if they want to warn you or get in contact with you. Warn when you pass by – best in good time. Are you on a bike, then use your bikebell. Remember, that your bike is almost silent.
  • Know your gear, keep it in good condition and remember it, when you need to go. Are you missing something essential? Then wait to perform your outdoor activity, until you have it at hand. Always use safety equipment, if it is required. When biking it is always recommended to use helmet. Rmemeber the 112-app (emergency app) and health insurance.
  • Be aware of your own skills, limits and competencies. If you feel insecure, or are you in doubt if you can handle the surroundings, then don’t perform the outdoor activity and avoid risky situations.
  • Spare trails and paths in very wet periods. Only use sturdy trails/paths and the forest roads. Under extreme weather conditions you need to follow the local and national authorities’ quidlelines regarding safetylevels. This could e.g. be in connection with storms, ice on lakes and the like.


Pay attention to other outdoor users

Be the good example of good beahviour. Respect other users of nature – Then they will also respect you.

  • There are no priorities in nature, but is a path referred to a certain outdoor activity, then step aside, when a user of the respective outdoor acitivity needs to pass by. Be polite and kind towards other users and give a smile as a thanks, when others step aside. That would give everyone a better experience. It also benefits your own sport’s image. Remember, it is you, who helps creating the good atmosphere and safety in the outdoors.
  • Make room for others and step aside, if you wish to stop.
  • Be careful, when you change track – Look back and orient yourself, since you can block another user, who in worst case scenario may fall. Never change course suddenly and communicate to others, where you would like to go, if you change track or course.
  • Take residents into consideration by avoiding noice, when you perform your outdoor activity.
  • Avoid places where there are many users. If there are many users in an area, then find another spot or wait until, there is more space.
  • Use toilets as much as possible, when you need to go. If it is not possible, then find a remote place away from public and dig down, what you leave. Orientate yourself about toilet facilities, before you go out.


Spare the environment

Protect animals, plants, trees, cliffs – all of the natural ressources. They make the nature fantastic and worth experiencing.

  • Don’t leave trash outside and clean up after yourself. Trash and left items may harm wildlife. Don’t walk away from your gear, if nobody else can take care of it, since curious animals can get hurt. If you find trash, then remove it and throw it in a trash container og bin. Left equipment should be reportet ti the local Natural Agency. Moreover, please don’t feed the wildlife, since it can disturb the biodiversity.
  • Be aware of preservation zones, -times as well as minimum sizes, when hunting and fishing. It is recommended the hunter/fisherman to keep him/herself updated. Only take down prey, which you may use yourself that same day. Regarding fishing it is always recommended to practice Catch & Release.
  • Take care of the cliffs when climbing, and don’t leave wedges or other traces, where it is not permitted. Don’t cut or crack trees or sticks to gain access to an area. Pruning or any other physical change of an area have to be done with the acceptance of the landlord. Fences, poles and the like must not be damaged. Gates and the like must not be left open, since enclosed animals can slip out.
  • Use and protect nature, prioritze animal welfare and show courtesy to wildlife in general.
  • Put your used face mask into a waste bin, otherwise it may pollute the unique nature we have here on Bornholm.

It is always recommended the outdoor businesses and -practitioners to be updated and aware of rules in force regarding traffic in and the use of nature; public as well as private areas. Moreover it is the outdoor practitioners’ and -businesse’ responsibiltiy to be aware of permissions, certifications etc. regarding the respective outdoor activity.


Thank you for helping us taking care of the nature and the experiences of others!


The code have been developed in a cooperation between

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