Walk – Gines Minde – Vang

Take a walk along the beautiful westcoast of Bornholm - the walking distance is about 7 km.

The west coast of Bornholm

This is a walk along the most imposing stretch of Bornholm’s west coast.

Start in Teglkås

You will start this walk at the carpark after Teglkås and from the start the path rises steeply to dizzy heights.

Jons Kapel

Make a detour to Jons Kapel (Jons Chapel), a legendary group of rugged rocks. In westerly winds the waves thunder against the vertical cliff. Continue along the top of the top of the cliffs, which overlook the sea from a height of 30-40 metres.

Ringebakkerne and an art bridge

The Ringebakkerne Hills are deeply scarred by quarrying, and the path takes you over a small art bridge high above the access road that was blasted by the quarry company to provide access to the sea.


Now, you are in Vang. The old water mill just before Vang has been splendidly restored.

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