The Bison Path on Bornholm - meet a bison on your walk

A hike in the Almindingen Forest of 12 kilometres on which you can see real buffalos.

Here is the route

Begin your hike at the parking lot at the Bastemose lake in Almindingen forest. From here, the path goes south through the Bison Forest, hereafter northwest to Hareløkkerne at Bornholms Trotting Course and then back to the parking lot at lake Bastemose.

Alternatively, you can start at the big parking lot in Hareløkken, opposite the Trotting Course.

The route is marked with violet triangles and dots, be aware that the route takes a lot of turns and bends. The hike is not very convenient for people with a baby stroller.

Meet a buffalo on your hike

In Bornholms largest forest, Almindingen, you’ll find a herd of about 15 buffalos (or bisons, as they also are called). They are within an enclosure, which you will walk through. When you see the animals, please keep your safety distance from them (abt. 100 metres).

Download a map and a leaflet of the area

The Danish Nature Authority has published an information leaflet with a map of the area, showing the Bison Path.


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Park your car at the parking lot at Lake Bastemose in Almindingen, about 1½ kilometres from the Trotting Course towards Østermarie.

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