Visit Rytterknægten in Almindingen – The highest point on Bornholm!

Experience Kongemindet (King’s Memorial) on Rytterknægten

When you visit the highest point on Bornholm – Rytterknægten – you will see the memorial tower Kongemindet. The granite tower was built in 1856 in remembrance of a visit to Bornholm made by King Frederik VII and his wife Countess Danner five years earlier. The tower gave a view of Bornholm from 162 meters (531ft) above sea level.
When the woods grew and blocked the view the tower was extended with a steel scaffolding in 1899. The view from atop the steel scaffolding was now 184 meters (600ft) above sea level.
The granite tower was designed by Gottlieb Bindesbøll and was built thanks to voluntary contributions from the population of Bornholm. The steel scaffolding was designed by his son.

Amazing view of Bornholm from Rytterknægten

From the memorial tower on Rytterknægten you will experience an amazing view of Bornholm and in clear weather you can even see the small island Christiansø and Sweden. The tower is also used for ornithological observations.


Kongemindet is closed due to renovations.



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Kongemindevejen 1

3720 Aakirkeby

In the middle of Almindingen forest

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