Walks – 4 tours in Almindingen

Go on some beautiful walks in Almindingen - the fifth largest forest in Denmark.

Almindingen – formerly common grazing land for cattle

Almindingen is the fifth largest forest in Denmark. Almindingen was formerly common grazing land for cattle, but in 1800 the forest was enclosed and brought under cultivation by Hans Rømer, the forest supervisor.

Almindingen – Walk 1:

Lilleborg and Rokkestenen
This walk starts and finishes at Christianshøjkroen in Almindingen. Follow the yellow signs. This walk takes place on good forest roads, so it is possible to bring your pram, pushchairthe or a wheelchair on the trip.
The walk is approx. 4 km.

Almindingen – Walk 2:

Ekkodalen and Rytterknægten
This walk starts at the car park near Ekkodalen (Echo Valley), Bornholm’s biggest cleft valley with impressive cliff walls. Ekkodalen is 10 km long, 60 m wide and was formed about 1,4 billion years ago. The best echo can be found by taking the marked path to the left and standing by H.C. Ørsted’s spring. And you can shout as many times as you like. If you continue along the path in the same direction you will pass through Ekkodalen, known in days gone by as “Headlong Hills”, perhaps because at one time people were sacrificed by being, regrettably, thrown headlong from the top of the rocks.

If you make your way back along the path (and the view is certainly worthwhile), eventually proceeding along Rågelundsvej, you will come to Rytterknægten, on the top of which is the King’s Monument. This was erected in 1856 in honour of King Frederik VII and Countess Danner, who had visited Bornholm a few years before. Even then the view from the top was stunning, but as the surrounding trees grew it became necessary in 1899 to extend the tower with an iron construction, bringing the total height up to 184 m.
The walk is approx. 4 km.

Almindingen – Walk 3:

Start this walk at the car park at the ranger house Segenhus, Segenvej 37. The 4-5 ha large area has a diversity of trees, shrubs, lawns and some small lakes. Arboretet was landscaped in 1932 by the forest ranger A.F.Valdemar Seier, who was ranger at Segenhus from 1916-1946. Follow the waymarked path.
The walk is 4 km.

Almindingen – Walk 4:

Beautiful lakes and Gamleborg
You will begin and end this walk at the carpark by the 14 km stone on the main road from Svaneke to Rønne. Start the walk by facing south and making your way to the left. First you come to the pretty Græssøen lake with benches and a fine view, and a little later one of the highlights of the walk, the site of Gamleborg, which in Viking times from about 800-1100 was the main stronghold on Bornholm. This was where the people fled to when one of the many plundering and pillaging hordes invaded the island – as happened quite often. You can still see parts of the castle’s surrounding walls, with the original mortar still intact today.

Now return along the same route and continue to the left towards the lakes Dyresøen and Borgesøen. The last-named was part of the defences of Lilleborg Castle, the second highest point on the route. Lilleborg was owned by the Danish king, who used it as a counterweight to the church’s power at Hammershus. But in 1259 Archbishop Jakob Erlandsen, along with Prince Jaromar of Rugen, mounted a strong, successful and evastating attack on Lilleborg. However, coins have been found on the site which indicate that there was activity at the castle even after the attack.
The walk is approx. 5 km.



Visit the ruins of the Crown's eldest castle on Bornholm



Lilleborg was the king's castle until it was burnt down in 1159



Ekkodalen - the Echo Valley - is a 16 km long rift valley and Bornholms longest of its kind



Find one of Bornholms four rocking stones in Almindingen Forest


Almindingen Skov

While you walk - learn more about Denmarks fifth largest forest

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