The Quarrymen Path on Northbornholm

Walk in the quarrymen's footsteps over Hammerknuden on a 5,5 km long and partly challenging hike.

The history of the Quarrymen Path

Hammerknuden has been characterized by the quarrymen’s work in the quarries for a long time. After the quarries closed down, the workers’ footsteps and marks disappeared under wild-growing bushes and trees.

Those marks have now been uncovered. Today you can walk the same path that the old quarrymen walked on their way from their tiny homes in Sandvig and up to the hill, where they broke and transported the granite. Or you can walk to the harbour Hammerhavnen where they used to shape and export the rocks.

Follow the route

The hike is a circular walk that connects the Osanbugt Bay in the East with Hammerhavn Harbour in the West. In between, there are two loops into the hill with rift valleys, plains, rocks, creeks, ponds and small private quarries, and big and dramatic quarries with steep walls.
The Path is marked with red dots and arrows on rocks and trees and red icons on poles. We recommend you to take the hike counterclockwise – all signs lead that way.
The 5,5 km long circular walk leads through rugged terrain at several places. Therefore it isn’t recommended for disabled people, wheelchairs or baby strollers.

Map and information leaflet over the area

The Danish Nature Authority has published a small leaflet with a map over the area and information on the Quarry Men Path on Northbornholm.

The leaflet is in Danish and English.


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Park your car either at the parking lot on Sandlinien in Sandvig - or on the parking lot at Hammerhavn Harbour.

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