Paradise Hills

Enjoy the beautiful Paradise Hills (Paradisbakkerne) - a large nature and forest area. The rocky and hilly area is located on Eastern Bornholm, some 3 kilometres (2 miles) northwest of Nexø.

Paradisbakkerne on Eastbornholm
Paradisbakkerne (the Paradise Hills) on Eastern Bornholm are located in a very hilly area with a lot of old rift valleys. Like Almindingen forest, Paradise Hills were heathland some 200 years ago, before a forest was planted. Today, most of the Paradisbakkerne area is covered with forest.

Bornholms biggest pedestal rock is in Paradisbakkerne
When you follow the trail from the parking lot you reach Bornholms biggest pedestal rock (Rokkestenen) within half an hour. The stone itself weighs about 35 tons and rocks, when you move it the right way and at the right spot.

Hiking trails in the Paradise Hills
There are several hiking trails in the forest area. You’ll find three marked trails, one with a red circle, one with a blue square and one with a yellow triangle.

Take a map with you
Especially the forest area of the Paradise Hills is different from other forest areas on the island, which is why we recommend you to take a map with you, when you wlak in the area. Bornholms Tourist Information has a map with different tour suggestions for only DKK 10,-.



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Lisegårdsvejen 2A

3730 Nexø

Useful information

Bornholms Tourist Information has a small information leaflet over the Paradise Hills for sale.

Public restroom

At the parking lot at Lisegårdsvejen 2A, 3730 Nexø

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