Lilleborg - Little Castle

The castle ruin Lilleborg is placed well atop an isolated rocky cliff top in Almindingen on Bornholm.

Lilleborg on Bornholm – on a 16 meter high cliff top
The castle ruin Lilleborg is located on a 16 metre high cliff top in the middle of Almindingen Forest on Bornholm. Built around 1150, when the then Danish king Svend Grathe (1146-57) handed most of the island Bornholm over to the archbishop in Lund.

The new Lilleborg was much easier to defend than the older Gamleborg, because there was a lake to all sides of the castle, only interrupted by a narrow path overland to the castle itself.

Lilleborg was only 1/10 of the size of Gamleborg
The castle area spans over 2600 m2 (or abt. 28,000 square feet) and was only 1/10 of the size of the predecessing Gamleborg. Nevertheless, several excavations from 1820-22, 1887-1928 and 1954-57 gave a lot of interesting archaeological findings.


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