Wild Camping - accommodation in a shelter or on a campsite

When you are on Bornholm, you can go wild camping on a couple of primitive campsites or in a shelter hut. But there are some rules.

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Primitive campsites and shelter huts

When you are on Bornholm, you can sleep rough or stay in one of the shelter huts or on the primitive campgsites that are on the island. Bring your own tent – or sleep in the shelters, that typically are nothing more than a hut made of boards with an opening to one side, and lifted above the surrounding ground. There is space for around 5 to 8 persons in each shelter.

The campsites can be used for one night at a time – and they are free to use. On the contrary one expects you to clean up after yourself. There is a map with shelter huts on Bornholm further down.

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First come first serve

The primitive campgrounds are used on first-come-first-serve basis – so be aware, that some campgrounds or shelters can be occupied, when you arrive. The Regional Municipality of Bornholm has a map, where all places are shown. Just click the link beneath and you’ll be lead over to a more detailed description of the location, sanitation and accessibility.

Larger groups, school classes or scouts, can book the shelter ground at Rundemose or the campground in Finnedalen in advance. For more information see more under www.udinaturen.dk.

→ PDF map with primitive campgrounds and shelters on Bornholm

There are four forests on Bornholm, where you are allowed to encamp

There are four forests on Bornholm, where you are allowed to encamp: Rø Plantage on the northern part of Bornholm, Blykobbe Plantage between Rønne and Hasle, Pedersker skov on Southern Bornholm and in the northern part of Almindingen, between Bolsterbjergvej and Åsedamsvej. But please stick to → The Rules for Sleeping Outside in Nature, issued by the Danish Nature Agency. The Agency has also published some → “Rules for Camping for the Quiet Forest Hiker”.
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→ the homepage udinaturen.dk, where you can find an interactive map over several larger and smaller campsites (choose “Overnatning”, then “fri teltningsområde” and hereafter “stor lejrplads” or “lille lejrplads”).

Considering Wild Camping in Denmark – and on Bornholm in particular – there is no Allemandsret (All Mens Right) like in other Nordic Countries. 

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