Walk – Gudhjem-Helligdommen

Explore this beautiful walk along the Bornholm northeast coast. You can either walk back or take the bus or a small boat, that sails between Gudhjem and Helligdomsklipperne.

To Helligdomsklipperne (the Sactuary Cliffs)

From the first bend of the winding road in Gudhjem you will follow the rocky path north around Salene Bay to Helligdomsklipperne. This walk is possibly the most beautiful walk along Bornholm’s coast.

Hestestenene (the Horse Stones)

The walk takes you to Hestestenene, three monoliths that act as navigation marks on the edge of a cliff 34 metres above the sea.

The wildest natural forest

The walk continues through natural forest with the bay on one side and steep cliffs on the other – ending in the rugged rock formations known as Helligdomsklipperne.

The Art Museum of Bornholmk and boat service to Gudhjem

From Helligdomsklipperne the path turns inland towards the Art Museum of Bornholm and the bus stop. There is also a flight of stairs down to a landing stage, from where there is a boat service to Gudhjem, weather permitting.


You can also choose to continue for another 200 metres or so to the bottom of Døndalen, where you can walk up the fault valley and see Denmark’s highest waterfall.



See some of the most beautiful cliffs of Denmark on your walk



As an extension to your walk between Gudhjem and Helligdomsklipperne you can see Denmarks highest waterfall


M/S Thor

M/S Thor sails between Helligdomsklipperne and Gudhjem


Dine's Lille Maritime Café

Have a cup of coffee or a piece of delicious cake Dine's Lille Maritime Café


Bornholms Kunstmuseum

Begin or end your walk with a visit to The Bornholm Art Museum


Norresan Gudhjem

Begin or end your walk at Norresan Gudhjem and enjoy a good cup of coffee and other delicious treats here

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