Rocking stones on Bornholm

There are at least three rocking stones on Bornholm - and yes, these boulders move, if you just know how and where to push.

The different Ice Ages have left big and small boulders everywhere on Bornholm. Some come from a total different place, some come from just around the corner.

The most exciting with these rocks is, that there are different fairy tales connected to them – and some of the rocks are said to lay upon a diamond, which is the reason for some of them still being movable today. But only, if you really know, how and where to push them.

Here you'll find the three rocking stones

Go on a hike in the forest with your friends or your family and visit the three rocking stones. Can you move the boulders?


The Rocking Stone in the Paradise Hills

The biggest of the three stones is located in the Paradise Hills (Paradisbakkerne) on Eastern Bornholm


The Rocking Stone in Rutsker Højlyng

In the beautiful nature and forest area Rutsker Højlyng on Northern Bornholm is the middle of all thre stones


The Rocking Stone in Almindingen Forest

Here, right in the middle of Almindingen Forest, is the smallest of the three rocking stones - just north of Lilleborg castle ruin

Download a map over Almindingen Forest

Here you can download a map over Almindingen Forest with some suggestions for different hiking tours – and where you will see one of the rocking stones.


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