Gamleborg - Old Castle in Almindingen

The castle ruin Gamleborg in Almindingen forest is the oldest castle of the crown on Bornholm.

Gamleborg placed on an almost impregnable cliff
The castle ruin Gamleborg is located on an almost impregnable cliff at the edge of Ekkodalen (Echo Valley) in the Almindingen Forest. There are massive earth ramparts around the plateau – and from around 1100 a tremendous granite wall was raised to protect the castle.

Gamleborg is one of the eldest buildings in the country
Gamleborg castle is one of the eldest buildings in the country that have stone walls – and the oldest building of stone on Bornholm. It’s said to be built around year 900. But around 1100 the castle was abandoned and the crown moved around 700 metres to the west to Lilleborg castle.



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Ekkodalsvejen 5

3720 Aakirkeby

Park your car on the parking lot at Ekkodalshuset and walk to the right and up the wooden stairs up to the castle ruin.

Public restroom

At Ekkodalshuset, Ekkodalsvejen 5, 3720 Aakirkeby

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