Walk – Hasle-Skovly

Experience a beautiful walk from Hasle to Skovly - the walk is about 5 km and takes around 1 hour.

The Maritime Hasle

This nice walk starts at the Hasle Smokehouses (Hasle Silderøgerier), which house an exhibition entitled “Maritime Hasle”.

Glassworks, coal mines, tiles…

Further south along the coast you will find yourself in beautiful countryside that bears witness to industrial development in Bornholm over the last 200 years. There are traces of glassworks, coal mines and the Hasle Klinker- og Chamottestensfabrik (floor tile and fire brick factory), once the largest industries on the island.


Clay pits and large industrial buildings now tell of an age gone by. The cosy Skovly restaurant awaits you at the end of the walk.

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