Experience Bornholm along the coastal path

Along the coastline of Bornholm, there is a hiking trail called the coastal path. You’ll go through many of Bornholm's larger and smaller cities, but most of the trip takes place in undisturbed nature with a stunning view.

Read more about the coastal path, and get some good tips on accommodation and other important information.

This is how far there is to walk

The coastal path on Bornholm follows the coastline around the island, and the 120 km is a beautiful way to experience Bornholm. On the trip, you come through many of Bornholm’s small and larger towns, where you can stay for the night or shop a bit for the trip. You will also pass Bornholm’s more than 30 harbours and fishing villages, and there will be plenty of opportunities to find a smokehouse where you can satisfy your hunger. However, most of the trip takes place in undisturbed nature, where rocky landscapes and sandy beaches offer you expansive views of the Baltic Sea.

One way or the other

All visitors of Bornholm arrive in Rønne, and from here, the trip around Bornholm can go one way or the other. Stop by Bornholm’s visitor centre at Rønne Harbour. Here you can get lots of good advice for your hike, and you can buy the official guide to the Coastal Path.

International honours for Bornholm as an outdoor destination

In February 2021, the German hiking magazine TREKKING named Bornholm the second-best hiking region in all of Europe. And let’s not forget the Readers’ Choice Award from the travel magazine; Condé Nast Traveler, where readers in 2019 named Bornholm one of Europe’s best holiday islands!

The coastal path on Bornholm in seven sections

We have chosen to divide the coastal path on Bornholm into seven sections. Some sections are a bit difficult to walk, and others are much easier. You will find a description of the route and other important information for each section. Download our app, and get tips for suitable accommodation, grocery stores or restaurants, when you are out walking.

Books, maps of shelters, practical and inspirational material for your walk along the coastal path

You can download various apps for your trip along the coastal path. In Bornholm’s tourist information or at our webshop, you can order multiple hiking maps, books and other helpful material for your hikes on Bornholm. Order by clicking on the links below.

App: Kysttier på Bornholm
App: shelters
App: Bornholm
7 hidden gems on Bornholm
10 restaurants on Bornholm
Guide and practical information
Brochure on the coastal path

Accommodations and guidance for the coastal path on Bornholm

If you walk along the coastal path, there are several accommodations where you can spend the night before moving on to the next section of the coastal path. Also, remember the many shelters in nature you are allowed to use and which you will find in the app.
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Accommodation on Bornholm - Camping site or Shelter
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