Døn Valley - Døndalen

Døn Valley (Døndalen) is remarkably beautiful all year. But the rift valley is most beautiful just before the leaves burst and when the forest floor is filled with windflowers and the bear's garlic, and when you can hear the nightingale sing between the cliffs.

Denmarks highest waterfall
In the middle of the Døndalen (translatable as “The Thunder Valley”) you’ll find Denmark’s highest waterfall – with around 20 metres (or 65 ft). From the cliff called Amtmandsstenen, “the stone of the bailiff”, you’ll have a unique and breathtaking view over the tree tops, the sea and all the way to Christiansø..

Hiking in Døndalen
The easiest hiking tour through Døndalen to the waterfall is about 2 kilometres or 1.2 miles in total. It will take you approximately an hour to walk, and the trail is solid – so that you even can take your pushchair with you.

Take on your rubber boots
During winter and spring we would recommend to you to take on your rubber boots, when you go hiking in the Døndalen. Because of the rain and melted snow, the waterlevel in the creek will be significantly higher during winter and spring, than during summer and fall.



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close to Bornholms Art Museum

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