Inspiration for a rainy day on Bornholm

Do you need some inspiration for what to do on your holiday if it's raining? Then you can get some inspiration here.

Bornholm is known as the sunshine island, but it happens that rain chooses to visit. Here is some inspiration for activities you can do on a rainy day. Regardless of the weather, Bornholm is always full of exciting experiences.

Inspiration for activities on a rainy day.


Nexø Sand Sculpture Park

We welcome you to Nexø Sand Sculpture Park with more than 25 sculptures, a large sandbox and sandlabs where you can try sculpting for yourself, and a beautiful sunny terrace where you can enjoy a good ice cream.


The Art Museum of Bornholm

The Art Museum of Bornholm strives to present artwork of international calibre – in the permanent collections and frequently changing special exhibitions alike.


Fitnesscenter Bornholm - Sundhedscenter Bornholm

“Sundhedscenter Bornholm” has fitness centers in Nexø, Allinge, Aakirkeby and in the Center of Rønne. They offer shortterm memberships for visitors and tourists, by which you get free access to all four gyms on the Island.


Torvehal Bornholm

Torvehal Bornholm is the new market hall in the old Rønne Slaughterhouse - here you can buy local produced foods, under one roof. There is also a café and a wine bar



Værftet - Nexø Skateboard Centre, playland and café. Explore the 700 m2 playland.


Grønbechs Gård

Grønbechs Gård shows the latest within arts and crafts and tests the limits of the concept of “art”. Grønbechs Gård presents approx. 20 shows each season.


Oluf Høst Museum

Experience the beautiful house near Gudhjem, which was the home of Oluf Høst from 1929 until his death in 1966. The museum has three studios.


Hammershus Visitor Center

The new Hammershus Visitor Center - has made it possible to look at the beautiful castle in a great panoramic view. In addition to this, the visitor center contains an exhibition about Hammershus' history, as well as Brohusets shop and café.


Rønne Bio - Movie Theater

What's better for a rainy day than a trip to the movies? Both in Rønne and Gudhjem you will find Movie Theaters.


Bornholmertårnet - The Bornholm Tower

The Bornholm tower is an Exploratorium by Dueodde, where the Danish Intelligence Service´s former listening post now is open to the public. The 1300 m2 is decorated with big picture exhibitions, movies, machines and appliances from the 2nd World War, and especially from The Cold War on Bornholm.


Bornholms Tekniske Samling

Bornholms Tekniske Samling is a museum / a exhibition run by an association with voluntary labor only. 4000m2 Exhibition, everything from nips needles to combat aircraft!

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