Sea kayaking around Bornholm

Genuine skerry scenery. If you want to explore skerries without leaving the Danish coast, go paddling around Bornholm in a sea kayak.

Bornholm is one of the most popular places in Denmark for sea kayaking.

Magnificent and varied coastal scenery

Bornholm has beautifully scenic and varied stretches of coastline, in particular the distinctive ‘skerry’ scenery on the east coast. Hammeren, which is distinguished by the high rocks towering above the sea, always looks impressive, while the sandy beaches and dunes at Dueodde are a good contrast.

Around Bornholm – 110 km

If you want to test your endurance with a sea kayaking trip around Bornholm, 110 very scenic kilometres are waiting for you. Anyone – except perhaps complete novices – can manage the circumnavigation, and whether you paddle clockwise or anti-clockwise in your sea kayak all depends on which way the wind is blowing.

Rent a kayak

It's possible to rent a kayak on the island or hire a local guide to help make your kayaking experience perfect. Go to one of the local business below for more information.

Get the right equipment for your kayaking experience

It's important to have the right equipment when kayaking. Find what you need at one of our local kayak and outdoor shops.
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