Arts and Crafts on Bornholm

Bornholm has been named World Craft Region by the World Craft Council (WCC) - as the first region in Europe ever. And you can hardly move on Bornholm without meeting an artist or craftsperson.

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Varying arts and craft on Bornholm

On Bornholm you will find lots of arts and crafts. Some craftsmen of Bornholm like to live quietly and unobtrusively while acting out their creative urges – you have to go looking for their work. Other artists are highly visible and have shops, open workshops and galleries. You’ll be fascinated by all the exciting work on show!

Bornholm attracts

Like you, the Bornholm craftsmen are inspired by the light and scenery on the island. This is reflected in every branch of arts and crafts.

Bornholm is the very first European World Craft Region

In 2017, Bornholm was named – as the first region in Europe ever – “World Craft Region”. This, because of its strong standing within crafts. The World Craft Council (WCC) presented the desired title to the island. WCC is a non-profit and non-gouvernemental organisation, which is recognised by the UNESCO. Until now 21 cities and regions in Asia and South America carry the title as World Craft Region. And now Bornholm – as the first European region ever – can join in.

Here are the best in arts and crafts on Bornholm
Glass and glass blowers on Bornholm
Artisan for a day
Do you have what it takes to be a ceramicist or glassblower?
Bornholm Craft Weeks
Bornholm Craft Weeks is an event with world-class arts and crafts over 10 days

Ceramicist on Bornholm

The ceramicists on Bornholm are inspired by the high-quality clay of Bornholm, which has provided the raw material for stoneware and ceramics – whether in mass production or as a craft – for several hundred years.

Glassblowers on Bornholm

The past 20 years have seen glassblowing flourish on Bornholm, with striking works of design and art being created . The School of Design, Bornholm in Nexø is visible proof of the high standard – which is raised every year thanks to the college.

Silver, wood, textile…

Also silversmiths, sculptors, carpenters, textile artists and jewellery makers have made their way to Bornholm. Many have open galleries and workshops.

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