Bicycle Holiday on Bornholm

Get the best bicycle holiday! Discover the cycle paradise Bornholm from the seat of your bike. A cycle holiday on Bornholm is safe - in comfortable distance from cars and traffic.

Bicycle Holiday on Bornholm is for everybody

Bicycle holiday on Bornholm is for all

Bicycle holiday on Bornholm is both for families, couples, cycle enthusiasts and beginners. Bornholm is an attractive island – including for those who decide to explore it by bike. There are over 230 km bike tracks on the island and quite a few kilometers for mopuntain bike enthusiasts.

Download the brochure “Bicycle Holiday on Bornholm” as a PDF

You can download the brochure ”Bicycle Holiday on Bornholm” as a PDF for free. The brochure contains guides to bicycle routes on Bornholm.

Download the Bicycle Guide here
Download the bicycle route map here

Here are our suggestions for a bike tour on Bornholm

Whether you are fast on a bike or not - you'll find a bike tour, that suits your taste.

A complete net of Bornholm cycle tracks

The beautiful cycle tracks of Bornholm leads you round the island from Dueodde in the south to Hammeren in the north. The trip round the entire coast of the island is 105 kilometres long and the short distances and the fascinating, varied landscape will make you want to cycle during your stay on Bornholm.

Is there a better way to enjoy the Bornholm countryside?

Bornholm is hills, waves, paving stones, smoked herrings and round churches. Bornholms is Scandinavia gathered in one place with forests, sea and cliffs. Bornholms has it all and all year round, so snatch the bike and use your free-wheeling fantasy. Bornholm offers the ideal surroundings for a bicycle holiday and you decide the speed.

Plan your own route on Bornholm

When you are on a bicycle holiday on Bornholm, you should plan a route, which suit your mood and level of physical ambition. You can’t get lost. The dark-green cycling signs show you where to go!

Service buildings on Bornholm: Here you can charge your electric bike

Bring your equipment or hire what you need on Bornholm

Bring all your equipment or hire what you need when you get to Bornholm. The cycle hire firms are well equipped and offer more than just bikes. They can have everything ready and waiting for you when you arrive to the rocky island, Bornholm. On Bornholm you can also choose to buy a pre-packaged bicycle trip, where the journey to and from the island, hire of bike equipment, accommodation and different tours are included in the price.

Bring your bike with the regional buses

Remember that you can bring your bike on the regional buses of the island. BAT – din bus på Bornholm takes up to 5 ordinary bicycles per trip on a special bicycle rack. It’s good to know if you suddenly need a break on your way.

Participate in Bornholms large bicycle events

There are several bicycle events on Bornholm, that you can participate in
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