Beaches on Bornholm - perfect places for sunbathing and sports

A holiday on Bornholm hasn't been a proper holiday, if you haven't been at a real Bornholm beach. Feel the fine sand between your toes and jump into the crystal clear waters of the Baltic Sea. But the beach invites you to do more than just relax.

Read more about the Bornholm beaches here

If you walk from Hasle heading south, you will be able to walk on sandy beaches all the way to Balka. Almost 50 kilometeres of coherent sandy beaches, where the water is crystal clear. Especially the beaches at Southbornholm are perfect places for small children, because the water is shallow and even the youngest kids can plash in the water without their parents needing to worry about them.

Please be aware that along the beaches at Westbornholm – meaning the beaches between Rønne (North of the ferry harbour) and all the way up to Hasle – sometimes the water can swell all of a sudden, caused by the catamaran ferry to and from Bornholm. It is advisable not to put your things right down at the waterside.

Here is your guide to some of the best beaches on Bornholm

Theres is one long sandy beach at the Southern coast of Bornholm - and several small oases and pearls along the northeastern coast. You can choose from many beaches.

Beaches in between the cliffs as small locally known oases

Also on Northern and Eastern Bornholm you’ll find several sandy beaches. The sand might not be as fine as on South Bornholm. On the contrary the beach might be placed idyllic in between the rocky cliff, that you can climb on and jump into the water from. Often those beaches are only known by the Locals and therefore some of them are a little secret, just waiting for being discovered by you.

By the way: The municipality Bornholms Regionskommune cleans the following beaches at summer (→ external link)

But the beaches on Bornholm invite you to do more than just sunbathe, relax and splash around. You can also go for a long walk or go kayaking, surfing or paddeling. Furthermore the coastal path around Bornholm passes many of the beaches. Get more inspiration in our suggestions further down this page.

Water temperatures around Bornholm

The Danish Meteorological Office (DMI) has a website, where you can check the water temperatures around Bornholm (→ external link)

Here's your guide to Beach- and Water Sports Activities

If you are into other things than sunbathing and splashing around in the water, you could take a look at the following companies, that offer different classes and workshops and water sport activities along the coast.
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