Krogsholm Frugt

We have a farm shop and a fruit tree plantation, where you can get fresh fruit and vegetables almost all year round.

We have lived at Krogsholm Farm, next to Rø Plantation, since 1992. Over the years, we have established at large orchard and built up our farm shop. We cultivate, hand-pick and sell fresh seasonal vegetables, fresh fruit and flower bouquets – without using any pesticides. In addition, we process the harvested produce into products such as apple and fruit juices, jams, syrup, cider vinegar, chutney, pickled gherkins and beetroot, honey, etc. Please feel welcome to pay us a visit.



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Tlf. +45 2797 9289




Kongensmark 12

3700 Rønne

We are located in Rø Plantage, close to Aarsballe

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(+45) 56 95 95 00