Music on Bornholm

Prick up your ears! Come and explore Bornholm - the rocky island is seething with good music.

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Bornholm is seething with good music

Come and explore Bornholm – the rocky island is seething with good music.

Music all year long

All year long there are loads of opportunities to hear music round about the island. Enjoy for example the Allinge Jazz Festival or the Baltic Jazz Festival in Nexø. And if you are one for surprises, drop into Gæstgiveren in Allinge, where numerous Danish musicians have a tradition of holding part of their summer holidays – and bringing their instruments along with them. Or picture thousands of happy music-lovers assembled at one of Denmark’s most beautiful concert locations, in what is not just a fantastic musical experience with a real Danish summer festival atmosphere, but also the most wonderful setting you could imagine, with a view over cliffs, sea, forests and with a castle ruin as backdrop. Doesn’t it sound out of this world?

New Year Concerts in Allinge

Music on Bornholm

There are several koncerthalls and -places - find some of them here

Bornholm offers music all year round

Bornholm offers plenty of musical experiences all year round and you will have no trouble finding something that fits straight into your ears.

See a selection of the upcoming music events on Bornholm here

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