SUP – Stand Up Paddle Surfing

The SUP wave is sweeping across Bornholm. Come and join in!

SUP – Stand Up Paddle Surfing on Bornholm

Stand up paddle surfing has taken the world and Bornholm by storm. Stand up paddle surfing trains your suppleness and balance as well as your chest and stomach muscles without any real risk of injury.

Fun from the word go

Stand up paddle surfing is a water sport which is fun the moment you stand up on the board. Stand up paddle surfing is a water sport where you quickly feel that you are making progress while also tackling many challenges and developing as you become more proficient. At the same time, it keeps you in good shape and enables you to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you want to be fit, enjoy the action, love quietly paddling in Bornholm’s beautiful scenery or just taking time out from your hectic everyday life!

SUP is easy to learn

Stand up paddle surfing is easy to learn – for young and old alike. Bornholm’s peaceful scenery and roaring waves make the island the perfect place to have a go at stand up paddle surfing.

SUP - Stand Up Paddle Surfing


Eastwind Surf- and Kayakschool

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Paddle Bornholm

You can paddle in Hasle Harbor surrounded by fishing boats, sailboats, and kayaks.

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