Bornholm Food

Bornholm food has become very popular. Read more on the Bornholm Food Adventure - and learn where you can get those tasty delicacies and gourmet foods from the sunshine island Bornholm.

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Bornholm Food – known world wide

It’s been more than 15 years now, since the first Bornholm food producers brought the small island of Bornholm to the world’s knowledge. Beer, pasta, licorice and other tasty foods where amongst them. The Bornholm food industry has grown so big, that it is placed on position four over the most important sources of income for the island by now. The products are well-known for their high quality and can be bought in super markets all over the country of Denmark – and even abroad. You can also visit the cosy and authentic farm shops on the island, in the newly opened Market Hall Torvehal Bornholm in Rønne – or even order the products via the producers’ websites.

Food bloggers, journalists as well as food reviewers from all over the world have written articles about the new gastronomic age, that has begun on the small island far out in the Baltic Sea. We give you some hints on what you can get, and where you can get the products.

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Dairy products from Bornholm
Bicycle route - The Bornholm Gourmet Route

Want some tasty local Bornholm foods?

Here you can taste and buy delicious Bornholm food products:
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