Experience the rich birdlife on Bornholm

The unique Bornholm nature is like a paradise garden for many bird species.

Are you interested in birds? Or are you looking for a pleasant and easily accessible nature experience?

Common to the whole island is that you can experience a wealth of bird species, no matter where you go. Bird watching is especially popular with enthusiasts who like to spend hours spotting the extraordinary bird. It’s also an experience that is easily accessible, whatever you bring a wheelchair or pram.

You do not need to have exceptional knowledge of the different birds to enjoy observing them through the many bird towers, cliff tops or nature reserves. Bring a packed lunch and coffee, and go out into nature. But remember to be quiet when you observe the birds’ characteristics: shape, posture, flying style or other habitual movements, size and colouration and the bird’s song and call.

Read our suggestions for good bird locations below.



Enjoy the view from the bird towers on Bornholm.

You will find bird towers around the island, where you can enjoy the sight of birds in the air. Ølene, in particular, is known for its three bird towers, which are easy to get to, whether you are on foot, bike, or by car. If you bring a wheelchair or pram, you can enjoy the view from the southwest tower.

You have the opportunity to enjoy the view from several bird towers on the island, for example from the bird tower south of Nexø on Østbornholm, near the bike path to Balka. The opportunity to enjoy the view from a bird tower, you’ll find several places on the island – including south of Nexø on Østbornholm, via the bike path to Balka, here you can access a bird tower and enjoy the view of the Baltic Sea and the wild landscape surrounding it. On Midtbornholm, in Almindingen, there are 45 nest boxes set up where you can be lucky to see the barn owl breeding in the late winter months. The barn owls are especially recognizable by their distinctive song, which is best heard on a quiet and frosty evening when it is dark.

You can read more about the various bird towers and directions here (PDF in Danish)



Experience Denmark’s only bird mountain.

On Nordbornholm, the bedrock reaches the surface, creating dramatic shores and deep incisions, which are excellent and popular breeding sites for birds. One place worth highlighting is Hammeren. Here you will find Denmark’s only bird cliff on the west side of Hammeren. The three observation points north of Lille Fyr, a little west of Store Fyr and Hjortebjerg in the middle of Hammerknuden, take the experience to a whole new level when you’re out to observe the birds.

Click here (PDF in Danish) for more practical information about the Hammer.

Want to know more about good bird sites on Bornholm? Read more on DOF Bornholm’s website here (Danish).


Be guaranteed a good bird experience here.

It's not just nature experiences that get stuck on the memorial plaque. There is a wealth of experiences on Bornholm when it comes to birds.


Bornholms Rovfugleshow

See a bird of prey in action at Bornholm's Rovfugleshow and feel the buzz of the wing when the bird strokes your head. You can also meet other predators from the wild nature, such as the world's strongest strangler snake or spiders as large as a dinner plate.



At the experience center, NaturBornholm, you can immerse yourself in exhibitions of various dinosaurs that lived on Bornholm many years ago. The dinosaurs are the ancestors of the birds that fly around today.

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