5 child-friendly beaches on Bornholm

Bornholm has many beautiful child-friendly beaches. Read about the top five favourites.

Is there anything better than long white sandy beaches and a swim to cool off on hot summer days?

Bornholm has plenty of beaches, and in this article, you can read our recommendations for five child-friendly beaches on Bornholm.

Sandy beaches all over the island

Bornholm is known for its varied nature of the rocky north and the beach-filled south – but the fantastic beaches are not exclusively found on the southern part of Bornholm. In many places along the coast, you’ll find lovely beaches for the whole family.

Our recommendations for child-friendly beaches

Click on the pictures below to read more about the different beaches and their facilities. Here it is also possible to find photos and directions.



Balka Beach

Balka beach is known for its kilometre-long, white, fine sandy beach and shallow, warm water. The beach is sheltered from the western winds of the summer, and you can walk quite far out in the water to find a place where you cannot reach the bottom. Balka beach is located in the southern part of Bornholm, close to Snogebæk town.


Melsted Beach

Melsted beach is located on Bornholms’s east coast, close to Gudhjem. The beach is child-friendly, and at one end of the beach, a small stream runs down to the sea. Here children can play for hours building dams. At Melsted beach, there is also a bathing jetty to avoid the pebbles on the seabed.


Sandvig Beach

Sandvig beach can be found at the bottom of Hammerknuden on the northern part of Bornholm. The beach is wide and has lots of room for fun and play. In addition, you get a beautiful view of the rock formations breaking the beachy landscape. Sandvig beach has good parking facilities, a kiosk and restrooms.


Boderne Beach

Boderne beach has room for lots of fun for the whole family. Find your little oasis in the dunes and let the fun unfold. You can jump from the big rocks in the water or build amazing sandcastles by the water.


Antoinette Beach

Close to the city of Rønne is Antoinette beach. A lovely child-friendly beach with plenty of space and many opportunities to find a good spot.

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