Rainy day activities on Bornholm with children

If the rain is falling down during your holiday, then don't worry. Bornholm offers a lot of exciting and fun activities indoor. Here you will find inspiration for what you can do with children on a rainy day.

If the weather offers rain, then Bornholm still offers fun. Bornholm is always great – also in the rain. A lot of exciting activities for you and your family to experience.

Here are some suggestions for perfect indoor family activities.


Inspiration for indoor activities.



Visit the experience centre NaturBornholm in Aakirkeby and learn a lot about the multifarious nature and the interesting history of Bornholm.


Pernille Bülow By You

At Pernille Bülow By You your whole family can spend a wonderful creative day making your own unique glass design. It’s easy, fun and inspiring – a great experience for the whole family.


Juhls Minigolf - Play indoor mini golf

In Juhl’s Mini Golf, we have 2,000 m2 of indoor mini golf, where we have both the Concrete Course and the Eternit Course. It provides plenty of opportunities for fun experiences for the whole family or friends on the go.


Værftet - Nexø Skateboard Centre

Welcome to Værftet - Nexø Skateboard Centre, playland and café. Explore our 700 m2 playland. Don’t fall while walking the line on Noah’s Ark, crawl up into the tower of Babel and swirl around in the Garden of Eden. Play indoor soccer, airhockey, table soccer, etc.


Bornholms Tekniske Samling - Bornholms Technical Collection

A collection of machines and other technical objects may sound a little boring - but at Bornholms Tekniske Samling you can see everything from tractors to tools and even a jet fighter and many other things that you can see and touch.


The Museum of Defence on Bornholm

Visit the interesting Museum of Defence - Bornholms Forsvarsmuseum - in Rønne.


Bornholms Art Museum

Go for an animal hunt at the Art Museum on Bornholm: Find all the animals in the beautiful paintings - or try to find all the things from a list that you can get at the entrance of the museum.


Bornholms Automobile Museum

They have more than 80 automobiles, tractors and motorcycles at Bornholms Automobile Museum. You can also see a lot of other things like old toys, radios and Bornholm's first television.


Rønne Bio - Movie Theater

What's more perfect for a rainy day than a trip to the Movie Theater? Rønne movie theater shows movies for the whole family.


Gudhjem Indoor Swimming Pool

Both in Gudhjem and in Rønne you will find indoor swimming pools, where the family can still have a nice dip, even though it's raining.


Birds of Prey Show

At the Bornholm Birds of Prey Show, our falconer presents the beautiful raptors, featuring a variety of birds, including owls, falcons, eagles and vultures flying wherever they please, including very close to the spectators.

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