Nature Park Bornholm

Try the activity park Nature Park Bornholm outside Gudhjem. An experience for the whole family! Climbing park, discgolf, footballgolf and cafe.

High-rope courses, QUIZ park, footballgolf and discgolf at Nature Park Bornholm

Here at Nature Park Bornholm we have 6 climbing courses from 1 to 18 meter height with the newest safety equipment, so you are safe when you climb. The park has a kiosk with the possibility of buying ice cream, chocolate, soda, etc. In front we have our own parking lot.

Click here to book your time for climbing, quiz labyrinth, disc golf or football golf with Mature Park Bornholm. We look forward to meeting you!

Part of Outdoor Friends Bornholm

We are members of Outdoor Friends Bornholm, where we together inform you of outdoor experiences on Bornholm. See more here



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Tlf. +45 5648 4840




Brommevej 10

3760 Gudhjem

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