Hasle Røgeri

Eat at Hasle Smokehouse.

Hasle Smokehouse is the last smokehouse on Bornholm where smoking is done in the oldfashioned traditional way with open chimneys and alderwood.
In our restaurant you can enjoy food in cosy surroundings, where you really feel the unique athmosphere from how things were done in the smokehouse in the past.
At Hasle Smokehouse we would like to push the unpretentiousness and unsnobbishness – and thus the happiness and the smile. We have room for the whole family, where children can play and be happy.
Try our delicious fish buffet (half price for children under 12 and free for children under 5 years) with lovely specialities and bornholm products, set in a boat on ice. It is also possible just to choose one of our dishes from the menu.

Guided tours

Visit one of Bornholms oldest smokehouses in Hasle. Get a tour and try the smoked herring, and maybe a cold beer, and visit the museum right next door.

Duration: 45 minutes
Group size: Minimum 15
Options: –
Location: 20 min. from the cruise pier

Website: www.hasleroegeri.dk

Practical information

Opening hours this week:


Tlf. +45 56 96 20 02

E-mail info@hasleroegeri.dk

Web www.hasleroegeri.dk


Søndrebøk 20

3790 Hasle

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