This site is one of the best places on Bornholm to do astrophotography

How Kultippen was created

During World War 2 coal was in limited supply on Bornholm and a local effort to extract more coal locally was started near Hasle. Mixed in with the coal was a lot of sand, gravel, clay and coal dust and that had to be sorted and collected. These waste products were transported to the coastline by tippers and emptied over the edge.

This had consequences for the landscape, and it was changed into a place with deep cracks and no plants or trees. The site now resembles a moonscape.

Kultippen was named after the tippers that was used to bring and dump the coal at the coast.

How to find Kultippen

Find the carpark at the end of Glasværksvej south of Hasle. Walk a couple of meters to the left and you will find the moonscape.

Another route is walking south from Hasle beach till you reach Kultippen.



  • Glasværksvej
  • 3790 Hasle
  • Der er en parkeringsplads lige ved siden af Kultippen.


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